OFFICIAL Good Night Thread!

  1. Do you ever feel like you're in the middle of conversations with your fellow tPFers but are up way past your bedtime and simply must go to sleep (hope I'm not the only crazy one)?:sleepy: You're so groggy you can't even remember which threads to check to make sure you aren't leaving someone hanging who as a very important handbag question...:p

    Well I thought I would start a Good Night thread so we can all say good night when we're signing off...

    Good night tPFers!:sleepy:
  2. :lol: well it doesn't look as if anyone went to bed last night!
  3. sep, where in California are you from? I'm also a Californian who relocated to Chicago! What are we doing here?!?! It's so cold!!
  4. Lol this is a great idea but........wouldn't the people on the thread you were originally posting wonder where you'd gone to? To me it seems to make sense just to say goodnight in the thread you last posted and go to bed..
  5. I was born and raised in the Bay Area and went to college in Northern California as well. After I graduated I moved to LA and lived there for 5 or 6 years... met and got hitched to my DH and we were ready for the next place! So here we are... brrrrrrrrrrr! I'm pretty sure this won't be the last stop but we're having fun here for sure! Where in California are you from? How long have you been in Chicago?
  6. LOL! I know! My problem is that I do too much thread hopping and I'm so sleepy by the time I decide to go to bed I can't remember all the places to go back to to say goo:pdnight...
  7. I'm from Northern California, too!!! I just moved here a year and a half ago. I love it here, besides the cold! I live in Lincoln Park -- you don't have to disclose where you are if you don't want to. But imagine if we've passed one another in the street! LOL
  8. What college did you go to in Nor Cal? I am originally from there, but relocated to so cal.
  9. loll this thread is cute :smile:
  10. I'm in Wicker Park and I love it here! I love Lincoln Park too but I can't ever seem to find a parking space there to save my life!! I want to go check out the Barney's store but I might need to go early in the morning and just wait in the car to get a park... LOL! Have you been there? How is the selection?