Official Ferragamo Chat Thread - Lets Chat!!!

  1. Yes, I have been there! I'm going on Friday to snoop around. I just received the Spring catalog and I hope some of the new shoes are in stock.

    We have one, but there are no regular authenticators in this low traffic forum. Just search Authenticate this Ferragamo and it should come up. I cannot guarantee anyone will quickly answer, though.
  2. Does anyone watch The Nanny? I'm watching and Fran was just talking about retail therapy vs therapy, and she said, "Who needs Freud when you've got Ferragamo?" I thought this was hilarious!
  3. Hahahaha! I haven't watched the Nanny for a long time, but that is a very wise statement.
  4. Hello All! Please remember that all of the reference library threads are PICs only. That means no chatting, asking questions, etc. All chatting posts will be deleted. If you have a question about something someone posted, please PM them. Thank you.
  5. ^^ Or we can use this thread to chat about pics in the PICS ONLY threads!
  6. DH and I went to Austin to visit his sis and we stopped at the outlet mall on the way home. Just wanted to report that the Ferragamo store had some gorgeous bags!! Seriously beautiful bags. They had several of the Eco bags which I really liked and also the bucket bags in a salmon, coraL color and one in a metallic shade that reminded me of pewter. Also, they had some Sofia bags and a yummy bag in a blue shade with purple undertones. I think that one may have been a Marissa. Anyhow, it was my first time in the store and the SA's were just terrific. Great selection and I now have a new bag to lust over. They will be receving some med Sofias in red and blue.

    Now, for something really special and Doreenjoy, this is for you, a stunning gold metaillic ostrich bag marked from almost $3300 to $1499. This bag was very unusual, hand carry only, with braided leather handles and kind of smooshy in the middle, so you don't see the zipper closure. It was so silky soft and wow, really great looking!!!!

    I tried on my first pair of shoes and fell in love with some maryjane flats, but wanted to wait for the second markdown and sadly the pink Miss Vara flats were not in my size.

    Sorry to be so chatty, but I was just so thrilled!!!
  7. Thanks Kroquet, love Ferragamo.
  8. ^^ Thanks for the report and enabling, Kroquet! I'll have to find my way to a Ferragamo outlet.
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    I just bought this. What do you guys think? I bought it on line and I haven't received it yet. I wonder how big it is. Any ideas?

    I think this vintage Ferragamo clutch would look old-fashioned when you carry it. Does anyone have the same style?

    well. I'll return it. It wouldn't match with my BCBG Maxazria dresses. especially those contrast dresses. :sad:

    okay. I made a decision: it's vintage and I don't need it. i want more modern style. :smile:

    unless u guys convince me to keep it with some tips :smile:

    I know that this vintage bag would add a classy touch to your outfit. I did some serach about it. what do u guys think?
  10. I don't think it's too old-fashioned at all. The chain strap is a classic and it's a cute style.

  11. Thank you dear! I really appreciate your valuable input! I agree with you. It's not that too old-fashioned. I guess I'll keep it :smile:
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  13. That SA must not have many customers who love bags, hehe. Just think if they only knew how we even love the smell of our bags...and ask for another chair when at a restaurant....and, and, and.

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  14. HELLOOO... Helloooo... hellooooo... ECHOOOO... Echoooo... echoooo :smile: Our SF forum is so quiet. I wish I had the time (and SF knowledge) to post more often.
  15. Me too, PBL! I feel like I don't know enough to authenticate. But, feel free to chat about what you've seen and what you love.