Official Ferragamo Chat Thread - Lets Chat!!!

  1. Hey Ferragamo lovers..

    I am contemplating whether I should get the small Sofia bag in red or not......What say you guys???
  2. I think the Sofia is a very practical bag. The leather is soft and luxurious, yet the bag is very understand. I give it :tup: :tup:
  3. I love my small Sofia bag! I have the black, and it's really not that small, it's a great size, fits everything, not too heavy. It's great that it has a shoulder strap, but I also use it handheld and carry clutch-like. It's really versatile. I get lots of complements on it.

    I think it would be AMAZING in red!!
  4. Does anyone know how many seasons the Sofia has been available and is it a permanant style like the Marisa?
  5. Was introduced in SS09, should be a permanent style. I can see it becoming like the Marisa, in the sense that it will eventually be made in every color and skin imaginable.
  6. ^ Thanks!

    I can really see this bag becoming my favorite style - ever - in all brands! Love it!
  7. I love the Sofia bag, too!
  8. I hope everyone who lives in the north eastern US is staying warm and dry after the big snowstorm. Just saw this picture of Philadelphia on another thread. :nuts:

  9. where can i find the black ribbon hairclip with gold plate? it's so annoying that it's out of stocks in singapore! have to be on the waiting list.
  10. I know I am late with this comment but that is insane! When I use to live in the midwest we would see that type of snow all the time, but now that I live on the east coast, well at least in my area we don't get those storms as often. I actually kind of miss it! :nuts:
  11. I feel the same way! I am just dying to get my black Sofia already.
  12. I have a red medium Sofia and I LOVE it! Perfect in every way. I would love to have one in every color imaginable.
  13. hi ladies! i hope you can help me find out how much this reversible belt costs. I think it's from last year's collection. TIA!:biggrin:
    DSC_0305.jpg DSC_0306.jpg DSC_0311.jpg
  14. I see from one of your posts you live in the Pacific Northwest, have you been to the
    Ferragamo Boutique at the shops at Bravern in Bellevue? I was there last weekend...the most beautiful bags and shoes! I was so happy to see they actually have their own boutique and a extended variety of products. Since my husband was with me I only got one bag but had he not been there I would have lost control and left with several.
  15. Where is the authentication thread? Is their one?