Official Ferragamo Chat Thread - Lets Chat!!!

  1. Good news! Megs and Vlad have decided to allow ONE off topic chat thread per subforum, so this is it!!

    Sooo....have at it, and please remember that this is the ONLY thread that is allowed for non-Ferragamo chatter. ENJOY!!!
  2. wohoo!! we have our own subforum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is one of the best news of today!
  3. Thanks Jburgh for push for this subforum!!! I've been longing for a ferragamo subforum ever since I joined! :smile:
  4. You are welcome. I hope you post your collection in the new collection thread. I have also requested a Reference subforum, but that may take some time.
  5. Yay! I'm so happy we have a Ferragamo forum!
  6. You were my inspiration, dear! Thanks for reminding me of just how great Ferragamo is! :woohoo:
  7. posted collection pic! :smile:
  8. Wow, great to see threads filling!

    We have a reference section now :woohoo: and I am starting some threads. Please PM me with the names of popular styles to add. I am also moving some reference type threads to this subforum.
  9. :cough: You mean I dragged you into the boutique and enabled a purchase, don't you? :P

    BTW I'd love to see a "Men's bags & accessories" thread in the Reference section.
  10. OMG, holy heavens, I can't believe we have a Ferragamo forum now! At last!! Yahoo!!! I'll be in here 24/7!!
  11. Okay, this is too cool. I was just saying to my IRL friend there isn't a Ferragamo subforum. Now there is YAY!

    I so loved last seasons hobo in patent...what was it called!
  12. ^The Celtico or the Luchetto?
  13. I am so happy to have this SFerragamo forum. :yahoo:
  14. I was at my only dept store in town that sells decent designer bags and they have quite a few new Ferragamo bags. Talk about drool city!!! There are a couple of gorgeous patent leathers in turquoise and fuschia and the most beautiful Marissa in a lovely cobalt blue colour. The leather is SO gorgeous and smooshy - I just kept touching it over and over. The SA was looking at me like I was a bit strange.

    They occasionally go on sale and that baby is MINE!!
  15. louch - That SA must not have many customers who love bags, hehe. Just think if they only knew how we even love the smell of our bags...and ask for another chair when at a restaurant....and, and, and. :graucho:
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