Official Faure le Page Thread

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  1. I have never had an issue with it falling over or things falling out. I took some quick pics, and didn't realize the lighting was so awful, but at least you can see what fits. I will be traveling to Europe end of March, and plan to take the Coach outlet tote on the plane. I will pack the Faure tote, mainly because it can hold gloves and scarf, yet I won't feel it's a huge tote eas IMG_6936.jpg IMG_6937.jpg ily pick pocketed. I want to be able to take this heavy scarf off, if need be, and stuff in the tote.
    So the first pic has everything stuffed in the tote(which is very abnormal, of course) and the next pic shows everything which was inside. I will definitely send another pic later.
  2. Here are the modeling pics. I am 5'6"

    IMG_6942.jpg IMG_6946.jpg
  3. Thanks so much you’re about the same size as me so those mod shots are super helpful.
  4. Yes, had the exact same experience, but I *was* babying it and a major scuff happened within weeks. Sold my 2 DBs recently as I was disappointed with the quality (and mine smelled soooooo bad!).
  5. Bought my DB 32 open tote last year, used it everyday for TWO weeks, noticed the scuffed corners and put it immediately in its dust bag. It’s my first FLP and to say I was disappointed is an understatement. The DB was supposed to replace my Goyard Artois GM as my everyday bag but scuffed corners after only two weeks of moderate use is definitely NOT what I expected. My St. Louis held up for a couple of YEARS before showing signs of wear in the corners. (Side note: was told by Goyard SA at Rue St. Honoré that they reinforce corners of the St. Louis at select maisons; have yet to get this done on mine though or ask my local Goyard SF if they do such work).
  6. Hello, I just bought a limited edition boho bag at the Faure le Page store in Paris. It is the black version of the bag, but embedded with crystals (they also had a navy one with fur that was limited edition). I was told there were only three made in the whole world, and only available at the Paris store. I asked for documentation about this, but they said there was none they could provide. I have since researched online, I can't find anything about this bag. Any ideas how I can document it's exclusivity (in case I ever want to sell it?) [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  7. I was in the rue Cambon boutique today (Monday). Purchased a large Boho, Calibre 21, belt, and a few new medals and bag charms. They had a small limited edition Boho in black with crystals in store I tried on. The limited edition with fur was there also. Also was at Galleries Lafayette location after to pick up another item rue Cambon was out of and noticed, I believe, 2 more of the limited edition small black Bohos.... I always find Fauré Le Page so lovely to deal with. I can’t imagine they would say only 1 in Paris if that was not accurate. Maybe they received new stock today they weren’t expecting??
  8. They told me 3. But, like you, I also saw them at Gallarie Layfayette so I had seen three with my own eyes just that day alone, so I am a little skeptical.
  9. i purchased my db almost a year ago... i use it daily as my work tote (laptop, work pumps and more often than not my lunch!) and it shows now signs of wear. it has softened a bit as it was pretty stiff when i purchased it, but no signs of wear on the corners or handles. i will definitely buy one in another color when i get a chance.
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  10. Hello,
    Just returned from Paris Sunday and wanted to post my Faure le Page purchases from the rue Cambon store. This is the Calibre 21 in grey. I purchased the Coup de Tete medal separately at Galleries Lafayette and haven’t attached it yet.
    7802ADED-4CBF-4D13-9D5D-43DD9FEBCD68.jpeg 8D30D2DD-CD09-471C-85C3-FAB7D2D96EA6.jpeg
  11. A68EA660-F1A3-4DD4-A193-285220A904CE.jpeg 01EE78CB-65F0-4A97-BF15-7C504D905C3C.jpeg Also purchased one of the new belts
  12. Lastly I purchased a Boho 23 ( medium size ) with a Pompon Heaume. Excited about these!

    29FC9397-6C8E-4D36-836C-992EFF08326A.jpeg 40C4EC36-B2FA-4679-9DD4-B80DE95CA46B.jpeg 633FA58A-CC93-4147-9ECC-E3C24CD6D947.jpeg 79176CDC-D951-4517-A965-63337281D9E1.jpeg
  13. Good evening everyone.

    US based question.

    Has anyone recently ordered from their online store? What was your experience overall?

    TIA! :smile:
  14. A1EE6933-6BDD-4C99-A706-E6A7014B4D97.jpeg
    Hi there! I have never ordered through their website ( it is not very user friendly plus not all items are actually on the website). When I purchased my first FLP bag they didn’t even have the website so everything was done through emails. I have since purchased the same way or in (Paris) store and always had a great experience. I would suggest you call or email boutique directly. I have always worked with Louise and she is wonderful! They are very helpful and can give you prices (without VAT, shipping costs, etc.). They are also happy to send photos and will “model” whatever bag you are interested in so you can get a real idea of size, what it looks like on. I’ll attach contact information. I hope this helps!
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  15. Hey all, Just got my first Daily Battle in black. I’m notorious for stuffing my bags, have you guys had any problems with the handles and wear over time?

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