Official Faure le Page Thread

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  1. I think they've been a little soft with my duties. I can't remember exactly how much, but I've toed the line probably around $810 and not been hit! Definitely best to be safe though.
  2. Sorry~, I thought it was $900 for some reason. My purchases haven't exceeded $800 either so I never knew I had wrong information...
  3. I am trying to choose between the Daily Battle 32 vs 37. Do any of you who have the 32 put your laptop in it?
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  4. I was JUST about to ask the same thing! Also, is the online process tedious? Been trying to check out a bag and it is taking FOREVAH and a day! (shipping to the US).
  5. I would email them and talk to an SA. That’s what I did. I don’t know about the 32 but I have the 37 and can fit a laptop for sure. I had tons of questions and she was quick to respond. When I was ready with my order she sent me a link and I paid through that so I didn’t have to use the website.
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  6. Will do that, thanks so much :smile:
  7. I ordered mine through the website on Wednesday and it has shipped but it seems to still be in France, I am in Canada, I want to get it so badly waiting sucks :smile:
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  8. OH, cool! hope she gets to you soon :smile: The website is taking sooooooooooooo long to navigate from delivery address to payment.
  9. It took me a long time to get the transaction to go and then when I finally did it go rejected by my Bank's fraudulent transaction filter and I had to do it all over again :sad:
  10. So excited just got notice my bag was delivered. I'm at work so have to wait to get home it's such a tease :smile: The bad news is my Husband signed for the bag and had to pay the $200+ in duties so I'm busted on the price of the bag :sad:
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  11. I will be visiting Paris in a few months and plan on purchasing the 37 sized bag. How do the taxes work? Thanks.
  12. Here she is! I am so glad I got the 37 once I put my lunch in there it really filled up. How much weight have people been able to carry in their bags?
  13. First time purchasing a Faure Le Page! I got the Cartouchiere 21 in Steel Grey while waiting for the Parade Soft to come back in stock. Ordered from Galeries Lafayette store. It only took 2 days (shipped out on Tuesday) for the bag to reach my doorstep in the states. Not sure if this comes with every shipment but they included an adorable art booklet of quotes and phrases spelled out via medals. Now I just have to wait for that Parade Soft....
    1EFA6801-DEEF-45FE-B455-98D191F95F07.jpeg 003B46D1-BC51-408E-B9DC-E7E866A957CE.jpeg F696379B-F7FD-4145-8F60-36BFED1B39D2.jpeg
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  14. Love it, congrats! My zipped daily battle tote did not come with this booklet ️, but then again I ordered my tote last year when orders had to be placed via email (no online ordering). I wonder if that had anything to do with it....
  15. Joining this thread to get even more excited about my order!

    Am in Asia so we still have to order via email.

    Basically, slightly miffed that they are slow to reply emails but finally made payment and now eagerly waiting for shipping notification.

    For those interested, shipping TWO DB37 from Paris to Singapore costs 86eur. I would believe one bag would be more than 50eur. Will also have to pay 7% GST after reaching.
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