Official Faure le Page Thread

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  1. Cindy can you help me compare your purse to these pics to see if this one is authentic? Would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you
    20190120_113617.jpg 20190120_205727.jpg 20190120_205750.jpg 20190120_205812.jpg 20190120_205840.jpg 20190120_113442.jpg 20190120_113459.jpg
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    Hi! Sorry again my bag is shipped out back to the FLP boutique for repair/replacement so I don’t have any clear interior photos to show you at the moment.

    FYI - The pouch inside the bag DOES NOT come with a zipper.

    The “Fauré Le Page” is ‘hot stamped’ onto the pouch (and is the same colour as the pouch); it is not printed out as shown in your photo.

    The blue with yellow trim has the same interior design as the other solid colours. Borrowing Carebear929’s photo: that’s how exactly mine looked like.


    The serial number is also hot stamped at the top-right corner in the inside of the pouch (you cannot see it in my photo, cause my phone camera sucks ). It is a 4 digit serial number for mine.


    Your bag’s interior looks more like the one shown here:
  3. Thank you so much Cindy! I have a few older authentic items and that's why I had doubt.
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  4. Sorry - I can't remember!
  5. It’s here! I went with
    DB size 37 steel grey with yellow trim
    19 Pochette zip Steel Grey
    Tassel grey with yellow underneath
    Ruben yellow
    Metals B and P

    Both are the Perfect size. Love it. Received it overnight from Paris to Boston Fed Ex am delivery signature required.
    798ECF15-1379-47BF-8A13-4F8B3927E0D6.jpeg E0BA76B4-F9C0-4EF7-A59B-01DB4B044EBD.jpeg B81A43CA-D639-4C26-B106-733094923C04.jpeg 19A4AB7C-F6B4-4776-A427-8C50547CFC2A.jpeg
  6. CC14CC12-296E-465A-A836-375C7F0DDD8D.jpeg
    Mine has yellow trim. Here is the stamp. A little better pic
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  7. I’m sure this has been asked but I can’t find it. What size of the battle tote compares to the neverfull mm?
  8. To carry a lunch, wallet, mini pouchette, keys, kindle, glasses, small umbrella, two iphones what size would you get a 37 or a 32?
  9. When i purchased my bag in 2016, my SA has no problem telling me that the yellow is prone to cracking and gave me full warning. It is an item to be used and leather does stretch, so paint will crack. Please don’t worry about the cracking, the item is meant to be loved!
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  10. Here's the spec of three sizes.
    fauré le page daily battle size.jpg

    Some modshots on AFF.
    Neverfull MM

    Daily battle MM
  11. Beautiful!
  12. FYI for anyone curious about duties charges, just got my bill from FedEx for $143.64. It was for the DB41 I received last week which was declared at $854 USD (€742). I was charged 16% duties and $7 for processing or whatever.
  13. Isn't under $900 duty free in US? I never paid tax on anything less than $900. You paid a lot.
  14. I believe the duty free limit is $800 USD?Based on what I read from others in this thread I anticipated 15-20% duties, so at least I wasn’t sticker shocked.
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  15. Duty free under $800 total. Anything over $800 would be charged 9% import tax for the entire amount of your order. I ordered something from FLP last year and it was about $1,000 and my FedEx bill which came 2 weeks later after I received my package was about $90.
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