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  1. #2551 Jan 13, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019
    When I bought my DB37 in Taipei, the SA named Amy told me that Tokyo's boutiques (I recall there are 2 locations) are authorized resellers. Her client said they do cost more. I bought the Blue with Yellow trim for about $1.5K to $1.6K Canadian Dollars (there was 5% VAT refund @ airport)... So it was about $300 more than the price listed in Euros.
  2. Hi Cindy,
    I am surprised boutique@faurelepage did not respond..
    Short answer is yes, they offer repairs if you send it in! Based on the email, it sounds like they will take it in for repairs now.
    My experience: I have the similar small cracks on the areas around the hardware (which tend to receive more stress), no cracks on the handles that come in contact with the hands/shoulders though. I've asked over email and showed photos (this was after ~6 mths after purchase, daily use), they acknowledged this does happen to the edging and they are happy to repair if you send in the bag. However, when I visited the boutique 3 weeks ago and showed the cracks in person, my SA suggested I wait a bit longer until the piece shows more wear (the cracks don't bother me right now, plus I had to stop using daily since I commute by bike and this climate is super rainy).
    Keep us updated!

  3. Thanks for your input! I'm thinking 37 will be best! Now to decide on a color lol
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  4. Does anyone know if you can hook the metals on a DB without getting the Ruben?
  5. Thanks for the reply!

    Mandy (the FLP Taipei staff) actually whatsapp-ed me at 1:25 AM (my local time)... and she requested for a Whatsapp call. She spoke Mandarin to me, in which I can talk in Mandarin but I cannot type / email in Chinese. She said she will reimburse the shipping fee to me and I have to send my bag to back to the Taipei boutique. From there, they will examine the bag to see what can be done. I will update more as the repair process begins.
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  6. Great to hear, especially since the bag is so new! Hope all goes well!
  7. Updating my "repair" progress here: ... FLP is slightly a pain in the butt to deal with. Not trying to bad mouth them cause this might be an isolated case especially when I don't live in Paris.

    January 7 – sent email to (no reply)
    January 8 – sent email to (no reply)
    January 9 – I left comment on FaceBook and Instagram (finally I got replies !... maybe because it's public?)
    January 11 – The Taipei boutique sent me an email but the content barely advised anything on the repair process
    January 13 @ 1:45 am of my local time – Mandy from the Taipei boutique Whatsapp me and she explained that shipping will be covered and I need to ship the bag back to Taipei boutique first (ok that was helpful but she did not say HOW; I should've asked)
    January 13 – I went to get shipping box and prepared the bag for shipping. I got a quote from Canada Post of the cost of the shipping which is $202 Canadian Dollars (there is only 2 options due to the size of the box – either by air or by boat - I'm not considering the boat option at the moment because it's snail mail).
    January 13 – I sent a message via Whatsapp to Mandy to advise her what the shipping cost will be (no reply) and asked what the postal code is because she didn’t provide one.
    January 13 – I messaged the person who replied me on Instagram again to ask if I can deal with Paris directly, and if they have can send me pre-paid shipping label.

    I saw a post from a guy on Facebook and basically said the same thing. It was difficult to get help when you need something to be fixed.
  8. #2558 Jan 17, 2019
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    It’s hereeeee , my DB41 in Grey arrived today!!! Placed online 1/8, received tracking 1/9, and package was delivered today. All in all, took about a week to receive from France to California. Package was shipped via TNT with final delivery made through FedEx. I was not asked to pay any customs or duties when I went to pick up (signature is required for delivery), so we shall see if I get a bill in the mail.

    First impressions, I love it! It’s a lot softer and smooshier than I expected. Currently stuffing it to get the creases out from shipping, but can’t wait till I take her out on its first adventure.

    98F63318-098C-492D-AE48-60631957B46E.jpeg 12690A7D-42C0-41DC-9D61-7FF8279CB02B.jpeg 296453AC-BF56-406A-BD91-22316CF40DB9.jpeg 96A74D9B-487F-4304-93B3-BF292C7621D9.jpeg DFE93A20-CCB1-4844-9703-6FF6EFB44A62.jpeg C036D65A-38DE-488E-B5BA-24A205E67E1A.jpeg C91B5380-896C-4BB5-A02F-E740D67B383A.jpeg 59DD9D5A-5C45-4CDF-B173-C044A95B35B6.jpeg
  9. Hello. Can you tell me if the inside of your bag has an attached pouch with zipper? I just purchased one on ebay and wonder if it truely looks like this inside or is it a fake. Thank you.
  10. Were you able to get some assistance with this?

    I haven’t really followed FLP in a while but after my experience with the buying process of one of their SLGs (which I ended up selling because looking at it made me so sad) and the waitlist process, I’m kinda underwhelmed with the brand. :sad: I have debated on selling my totes and getting a canvas Delage Lulu or vintage Chanel tote instead. :-s
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  11. #2561 Jan 20, 2019
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    Hello bernz84,
    Please do spend your money with a more reputable brand like Chanel, at least they won't ignore you after buying a faulty bag! I never heard of the Delage brand and just Google'd it, looks nice :heart:. Thanks for introducing that to me.

    FYI, the Taipei boutique is still assisting with my return/repair/replacement process, but again, it's a pain in the ass to deal with them via whatsapp. I asked them to give me a call because I want to find out: 1) how am I being reimbursed for my shipping charges, and 2) what is their postal code! I waited until 1:30 am of my local time (their store opens at 11 am) and they didn't call me at all. I feel like they usually reply whenever they wish to cause I've waited 2 or 3 days for simple questions. They also misspelt 3 of the words on their address in the Whatsapp message (very unprofessional). :hrmm:

    At one point, I felt so helpless due to their delayed response, so I wrote ANOTHER email to (this is the 3rd email I've sent to Paris seeking for assistance). Again, NO REPLY! I even titled my email heading "COMPLAINT" and flagged the email as High Priority. ... (extremely upset at this point).

    I ended up giving them 1 star review on their main FLP FB account. Also unfollowed them on both IG and FB.

    TODAY: I finally got confirmation that they are happy about the shipping charges and I shipped my bag out using Canada Post. :annoyed: It took a good 14 days of 'communication'. & FYI they don't provide pre-paid shipping label for your returns!!! :annoyed:
  12. Hello, how much did you pay for it? Mine looks exactly like carebear929's post (if you can scroll up a bit to the post you published - her photos are amazing if you wish to compare it for reference). I also shipped my bag back to FLP for repair/replacement so I don't have the bag with me :sad: Sorry!
  13. To be fair, I think FLP has gone/is going through some growing pains and probably weren’t prepared for the demand. So, in that sense I understand. They’re probably still trying to straighten out their customer service model; I’m sure that now they have their online system, that should help tremendously (albeit the website is still wonky).

    Having said that, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed since I’ve experienced excellent service from bigger fashion houses (ie, Chanel and Dior) and some smaller companies like Delage and DelGiudice, both of which I’ve mentioned on tpf. With Delage and DelGiudice, I spoke with the managers personally and they were so gracious and kind.

    Btw, I did Facebook message them a long time ago complaining about the customer service I received. No response, even though they did read it. :rolleyes: Maybe if I had written on their public wall they would have said something, but who knows. Honestly I do wonder if FLP reads on tpf. I know Delage does because they contacted me via email when I posted about them on here.

    I didn’t want to voice my opinion of the brand since I spoke very highly of them in the beginning and I just felt weird saying anything negative. I felt like it may have been viewed in bad taste...? I don’t hate the brand and I like what I have but I don’t see myself endorsing them anymore. :no:
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  14. I was actually excited about their soft launch of their website because I wanted to get a pochette for my bday. This was 2/3 weeks before I discovered about the cracking straps on my bag.

    In terms of their social media, their response is still snail speed but I felt like they are easier to communicate to cause they replied in perfect English. So I didn’t have play the guessing game. I also felt that their social media team doesn’t know much about FLP customer service besides passing me back to the boutique I initially dealt with. I asked The IG representative if I can be in contact with a manager (about 2/3 days ago), but no reply. My message is also not read (just checked).

    I actually waited for a bit before giving out a 1 star on the FB review cause I wanted to give them time to fix the situation. Obviously, what I hoped for did not happen. I also promoted the brand to my friends and co-workers as well when I returned from my Taiwan trip ... then 3 months later, I end up having to warn people about their poor customer service.
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  15. Hi, I’m curious to know if you discovered the cracks on the straps at the beginning use of the bag or after a long period of time.