Official Fall RAOK Thread!

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  1. Rules of FALL RAOK:

    1. All applicants will be fully reviewed before acceptance.

    2. There is a 400 minimum number of posts and 4 month minimum with the forum to participate or if you have participated in a previous RAOK before and fulfilled you duties. Administrators will be looking for the following:

    a. # of posts in Coach forum to show you are an active Coach participant
    b. frequency of posting (do you disappear for weeks at a time, or are you posting regularly)
    c. previous history participating in Coach RAOK's (did you forget a gift, send them late, not post pictures, not respond to PM's, etc.)
    d. content of posts (1000 congrats does not equal participation in RAOK)
    e. MUST have posted a picture on tPF within previous month (so we can verify you do know how to post photos, etc.)

    3. You are required to post photos of each and every gift received. If your buddy decorates outside of the box, please take photos of packaging. Descriptions of gifts will no longer suffice. Pictures should be posted within 72 hours of receipt.

    4. Proof of mailing is required for gifts. This proof of mailing must be PMed to MM16 by the 15th of September. This can occur several ways:

    a. in the USA you can send priority mail and purchase delivery confirmation for .65. You can also send regular mail and purchase delivery confirmation.
    b. In Canada, you can mail parcels and get delivery confirmation for free (according to their website). For letters (i.e. if you were mailing only a gift card) you can send it registered mail and receive a tracking number. Cost is $7.95 including tracking.
    c. If mailing to US or Canada from USA or Canada...the customs form number is considered proof.
    d. If mailing in Europe to same country: Some form of tracking is required. I'm not 100% sure how it works overseas...and I didn't have time to check out each individual country.
    e. If mailing to another country in Europe, customs form number/receipt number will suffice.
    f. If sending someone something through the Internet (i.e. gift certificates, magazine subscriptions), please forward the confirmation email to me (minus any CC info, etc.)

    5. As a suggestion of a price limit, in the past people have spent ~$45-$65 for gifts. Homemade and thoughtful gifts are appreciated. Wouldn't you love a can of fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies?

    6. No vacationers. If you will be away from home for more than 1 week per month...don't sign up. Gifts have to be mailed and reveals posted in a timely manner as described above, and vacation plans may interfere.

    7. If you are purchasing something from
    eBay for your buddy, please make sure personally that it is in a suitable condition to be sent out as a gift.

    8. Administrator can remove someone from the RAOK for not following above rules.

    9. An ANGEL system will be in place for missing gifts/unresponsive buddy, etc. Please let Me or MM16 know via PM when you sign up if you would like to be part of the angel system, to send gifts to someone who has an unresponsive buddy.

    The deadline for signups in September 1st! and You need to mail out your package by September 15th!

    This RAOK will be one large package because we will be having a Holiday RAOK:nuts:

    Please PM me if you want to sign up.. Me and MM16 will be assigning buddies as soon as we start getting enough.

    Lets have FUN!!!:yahoo:
  2. Yay, RAOK time!!! I actually not going to join this one as I just participated in the last one but I am looking forward the Holiday one, I looooove Christmas!

    I will be looking at the reveals tho :graucho:
  3. Official Start of Fall RAOK: 8/12/08
    Sign up: 8/12/08-9/1/08
    Buddy Notification: 9/1/08
    Send Gifts: 9/15/08
    Price Limit On Gifts: $45-$65 (You are not required to buy something COACH, but who doesn't love to get something from Coach!! hehe)
  4. Wishlist:

    1. Sex:
    2. Favorite color:
    3. Favorite snack/food:
    4. Favorite beverage:
    5. Coffee or tea?:
    6. Any allergies (e.g. peanuts, flowers etc.):
    7. Favorite bag brands:
    8. Favorite scent (candle, home, etc.):
    9. Favorite scent (perfume, body lotion, etc.):
    10. Favorite makeup brand:
    11. Favorite skincare brand:
    12. Favorite stores:
    13. Favorite magazines/books:
    14. Books you've been wanting to buy/read:
    15. Favorite TV show/movie:
    16. Personal style (conservative, trendy etc.):
    17. Other obsessions/hobbies:
    18. Pets:
    19. Other fun facts:
    20.What is on your Coach Wish List that falls within the cost limits of the RAOK?
  5. This one and the Christmas one should be really fun. I sent you a pm. *excited* :woohoo:
  6. #6 Aug 12, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
    1. Sex: GIRL!

    2. Favorite color: Pink, Turquoise, Purple, Black, Yellow, Orange... I like almost all colors

    3. Favorite snack/food: Chocolate.. Crunch and Munch.. Sweet and Salty stuff like kettle corn popcorn and junior mints :drool:

    4. Favorite beverage: Water, Coffee and Mojitos :supacool:

    5. Coffee or tea?: I love both, but I have become a coffee fiend lately

    6. Any allergies (e.g. peanuts, flowers etc.): Nope!

    7. Favorite bag brands: Coach! ;) Bottega Veneta (in my dreams!) Cole Haan and LV

    8. Favorite scent (candle, home, etc.): food smells ( EX: angel food cake, blueberry muffin ETC)

    9. Favorite scent (perfume, body lotion, etc.): I am open to anything except patchouli

    10. Favorite makeup brand: I wear mostly Chanel and Bare Minerals but I love all kinds of stuff!

    11. Favorite skincare brand: I use Chanel skin stuff but I am open to try anything

    12. Favorite stores: Target, ULTA, Barnes and Noble, Hobby Lobby, Lane Bryant, Torrid, Coach

    13. Favorite magazines/books: I have not been reading a lot lately but I have been picking up any photography books or magazines to read.

    14. Books you've been wanting to buy/read: Twilight series, Dexter 2 and 3 books

    15. Favorite TV show/movie: Dexter, Grey's Anatomy

    16. Personal style (conservative, trendy etc.): Depends on the day, but mostly I am very casual...

    17. Other obsessions/hobbies: photography! I do a little painting too.. but I am no Monet :P Outlet shopping and trolling fleabay for good deals is fun too

    18. Pets: Cats: Brodie and Venus / Dog: Zoe (my Boxer baby)

    19. Other fun facts: I have 2 little girls that keep me busy and I have just started a little photography business that I hope helps fund my bag addiction :yahoo:

    20.What is on your Coach Wish List that falls within the cost limits of the RAOK? Patent or Metallic Mini Skinny, Cute charms or keyfobs, Coin purse ... umm.. pretty much anything! :yes:
  7. Sent a PM.
  8. 1. Sex: Girl :smile:

    2. Favorite color: Purple, yellow, silver

    3. Favorite snack/food: Anything :smile:

    4. Favorite beverage: Iced coffee

    5. Coffee or tea?: Iced coffee and Iced tea

    6. Any allergies (e.g. peanuts, flowers etc.): Shrimp

    7. Favorite bag brands: Coach

    8. Favorite scent (candle, home, etc.): I don't burn candles, but as for my home I love febrez melon

    9. Favorite scent (perfume, body lotion, etc.): Karma from Lush, loveee

    10. Favorite makeup brand: BE

    11. Favorite skincare brand: Neutrogena wash / clinique toner/ Lush face lotion

    12. Favorite stores: Target, I could spend all day here!

    13. Favorite magazines/books: People, I wish I had more time to read!

    14. Books you've been wanting to buy/read: Dr. Phils weight loss, lol

    15. Favorite TV show/movie: Crossing Jordan, Law & Order SVU, The Office

    16. Personal style (conservative, trendy etc.): I wear converses, jean and comfy tee's from Tommy Hilfiger or gap.

    17. Other obsessions/hobbies: I love to go to the gym. I am getting into gardening. Next year I plan to have fresh veggies for my family to enjoy.

    18. Pets: GiGi my yorkie

    19. Other fun facts: I love to spend time with my family, My son and husband are my life. I have a 9 year old little brother and father who I also adore. We are a pretty close family. Rebuilding our dream home together after a house fire.

    20.What is on your Coach Wish List that falls within the cost limits of the RAOK? I love charms and prolly have more than I would ever use. lol. 09 agenda insert? Anything coach.
  9. I'm so excited! Yippee!
  10. I dont think I will have enough posts:crybaby:. Guess I better get busy
  11. I'm gonna have to wait until the Holiday RAOK because the Fall RAOK is a day before my due date;)

    OOhhh!! I can't wait for the Holiday Raok!
  12. drat! i missed the 4 mo. min forum participation. i pmd too soon! :P i guess no amount of begging will do. i love gift exchange!! :cry: :crybaby: i'll just wait for the holiday one then!
  13. I MADE THE CUT! I MADE THE CUT! WOOHOO!! :happydance: THANKS COCOGIRL07!!! :ty:
  14. ;)
  15. Ok I already have 8 people participating!