Official Date for New England PF Meeting!!!!

  1. Okay everybody, here it is.....

    JULY 22ND!!!! That is a saturday. Hope everybody can make it. I have received confirmations from about 4 of you and am waiting for about 4 or 5 more of you.

    Right now It looks like we'll be meeting at Copley Place. If anyone needs directions please post or pm me. :yes:

    I guess a good time would be around 9-10:00?? What does everyone think of that? Too early? :huh:

    We're almost there girls!!!!!!!:graucho: :graucho:
  2. Okay, ladies, I sent PM's a few days ago and am waiting to hear confirmations for the 22nd from:


    Once I get these back we will proceed with meet place and time!
    It's gonna be so great to meet all you wonderful ladies!!!!
  3. Traci ~ Sorry To Write Here.....

    Again, I'm So Sorry I Will Not Be There. Traci ~You Are So Sweet...What A Lovely Day Planned!!!!

    Everyone Have A Wonderful Time!!!!!! Have Lots Of Fun!

    ......Kara :smile: