Official Coach CHAT Thread!!!

  1. Thanks. I didn't realize they called those items deletes. Do they ever send the classics or originals? I noticed someone found a Stewardess Bag at an outlet. Is that common? Maybe I should check out an outlet. There are two about 1.5 hours away (same as the FP store).
  2. You should check out the outlets. They always have some deletes, even at my crappy outlet. teehee
  3. -sigh- we have only the full price stores here. I wonder if coach will ever open their outlets and with the irresistible price, i may definitely filled up my closet with coach goodies, fobs, accessories...
  4. I have never seen classics or originals are the outlets but it is possible they could get them if they are removed from the stores and I believe that if they have only a small stock left, they will keep it in the warehouse rather than sending it to the outlets, because eventually someone will probably order it. More than likely the Stewardess Bag was only there because someone had returned it. You can return a unused Coach bag even after having it for years, so occasionally you will find something really rare or something that is still available at full price stores.
  5. Does this happen to anyone else. I found a bag months ago on the bay that I loved. Its a little older and a color that ya don't see in the states from jax much. For months I looked kept my eye on it and another poped up for $200 less. I was so exited. I got the bag just to see two more pop up for another $200 less. This happends all the time.
  6. Thanks!

    Look at the article on the Perfect Trail Bag (campaign trail/work bag) and picture 7. I wish Coach would return to making more of the classic styles and domestically to boot! I like the idea of supporting American workers, but in this day and age, international labor is so cheap that it seems like most leather manufacturers have gone to overseas assembly even if the leather is from the U.S. or Europe.
  8. I found a bag that has an M.
  9. I find it interesting that they made bags in Italy using American alligator. You would think that it would be more expensive to ship the alligator to Italy and then ship the bags back to the US for sale.
  10. I am a brand new coach owner and am so excited!! It was a gift from my husband and I am thrilled. I love blue and he found me a blue scarf print. Is there a spray foam cleaner for cleaning a fabric bag?
  11. Hi everybody! Im new here and was wondering if you guys can help me out, please. I really like the poppy signature sateen metallic double zip wristlet. I like the silver and also the black one. But I dont know what color is used for the lining. Does anybody know?
  12. Switched over to my Coach Ali large black messenger bag today. I've missed her! She's such a beauty!! :hbeat::love:
  13. You can use any multi-purpose cleaner. You can even use dishwashing liquid if you rinse it out. Some people use baby wipes.
  14. Thank you very much!!