Official Coach CHAT Thread!!!

  1. Are there any Coach and LV lovers out there who have seen both of these colors IRL? I have an Orchid Patent Lindsey and I really love it! Is the Rouge Fauviste close in color to the Orchid or is it more on the purple side? TIA!:cool:
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    hi there. please bear with me, i don't know which thread to go to and ask this. does dustbag comes with your coach bag when you buy it either at the outlet store or at the coach factory online sale.

    thank you.
  3. Only FP deletes come with dust bags, I always get them from the online sale but outlets will vary.
  4. I also like your Hampton.
    I think I should get the tote with zip close. As of now I am not looking for expenssive ones. Kept the budget of low 100ish. You never know with one good but wild 6yr old boy, and two lil sisters to follow, I can find a frog inside my handbag. :smile:
  5. Just saying HI!!!! I'm back again... been MIA for awhile. For any of my old friends, we have 2 babies now!!! Gavin is 3 and Sophie my little miracle baby is 4 months old, she was born 10 weeks early, but has been home for 2 months and very healthy :heart:
  6. Hi there, not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I just got the scarf print mini skinny and when i got home and opened it I discovered 2 dirty marks on it. They won't rub off. Any ideas on how to get them out? I don't really want to return it as the girl said I got the the last one and I really like it... thanks!
  7. Hi! When I first came in way back when I was into LeSportsac due to running around with 2 toddlers...

    I'm back with older kids and my new love...Coach. :smile:
  8. Try a baby wipe or one of those Tide stain pens. Good luck!
  9. Does anyone happen to have the drilldown pic of the ash Kristin Woven Round Satchel? I can't find it anywhere on Google and I haven't had any luck using the DD thing myself.
  10. Is this it?

    ETA: Ooops, it's not ash. Sorry.
    Picture 4.png
  11. Yep, that's the style but that's the denim colour. I don't know why it's been so hard for me to find the ash colour though:sad: Usually I can find them right away with a Google image search.
  12. Congrats to your babies. I remember you. I haven't been as active either but I still lurk around. It's nice to see some of the older members are back.
  13. What's main difference between the Lindsey and Sophia. I can see the Lindsay is taller. Is that it? I have a Lindsey, not sure I want a Sophia.
  14. Size and handle drop, at one point in time I had both the plum patent Lindsey & Sophia. I definitely prefer Lindsey to Sophia. Here is an old pic for comparison
  15. Great comparison shot.