Official Coach CHAT Thread!!!

  1. I do have 1 vintage Fendi, thanks to the wonderful authenticators there! I know, I love the pace of this forum, look at all the responses to this post already. There are only 11 people on the MK forum. Not enough to vent to :biggrin:
  2. I love this forum...everyone seems so nice and I feel more comfortable here.....
  3. well what did you end up with off of eBay? there seem to be more and more michael kors outlets popping up in the outlets around me (and a kate spade outlet, sorry never heard of her before joining tpf)....and more and more fake MK bags at the flea market (therefore also on the arm of many people i see)

    i feel most comfortable here, and i like that it's always busy here... but i like the nail care and money talks also.
  4. I am going to take this a step further, and compared to "other" forums in general I am most comfy here. I lurk on a sports forum (I am a huge New England sports fan), and although I know my stuff, I don't post often because they are pretty mean to each other. I am also active on a music forum, but they are really tough there also, so back to TPF I go!:p
  5. I have found the coach forum and the coachies on it to be absolutely nothing but super nice, polite, and helpful. I've been on here a short period of time, but long enough to recognize people and get a pretty good feel for their personalities. A little while ago I stumbled across a website from google (coach handbag whore) and it is a really awful website, I asked about it on here, of course it got deleted immediately. The ladies on THAT website are absolutely putrid pieces of crap worst form of female you could ever imagine, and I'm just like kind of dumb founded cause I'm sure it was written awhile ago but it seems like there are some pretty rotten people on this site (well internet in general) but I have NOT found that on here. at all.
  6. I've been looking for a vintage Fendi. I bought one that I got authenticated on the Fendi forum but it was in such bad shape that I returned it. I don't feel as comfortable buying Fendi because I don't know it like I know Coach. There isn't anyone on the Fendi forum to talk with about vintage bags like there is here. There is a newer style I like as well, but I am afraid to spend $2000 on a bag that I might not love forever. I might be more likely to buy one if the Fendi forum was more active. The Coach forum is full of people who enable you and empathize when things don't go right. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with MK - maybe you could vent on the tpf eBay forum - it is pretty active.
  7. I used to lurk on a few other forums and for the most part, it was a good experience. But on a few forums, people were really rude. On one, I got attacked because I said that I didn't mind cooking meat after it had been frozen. On another, I told a funny story about my daughter and I was attacked for not respecting her privacy and told that I must be a horrible parent. There were other forums where it was obvious that if you represented a minority opinion, you were dirt. There have been a few tense moments on tpf too - not to me personally, but I have seen other people get attacked for the stupidest reasons. The moderators here do a great job of stopping these things before they go too far. I am very comfy here too. It would be shame if anything happened to spoil that feeling.
  8. This is definitely a party forum. I like "Handbags and Purses" and the non-handbag forums too (except celebrities, I'm not into celebs). The relationship & career forums are interesting but get heavy, so I come back here to lighten up!

    The Beauty Bar is really useful - like that one a lot.
  9. Haha, see what I mean. I log off for an hour to run on the tread mill and come back to several more posts. The coach bees never stop buzzing!

    Thanks for asking, I have to admit I hoped somebody would :smile:

    I won a bag that I received at the start of February. It was listed as "carried twice, in excellent used condition!" I checked it over and it looked to be ok. I stored it because I'm in Cleveland and its not a winter bag. I took it out last week when the weather turned nice. I carried it e first night and noticed peeling and cracking in the handles. I carried a second night and the handles nearly disintegrated in my hands!

    Come to find out the bag is 5 years old and IF she on,y carried it twice then she stored it in a hot, dry place the rest of the time. I contacted her but it's past ebays 45 days. So I can't do anything. Worst of it is I had left her positive feedback because at the time I didn't notice anything funny. Ii know I probably should have looked it over better, especially the handles. But to fall apart like that! I have never seen anything like it!
  10. I don't know it well either and I was to find that one for a good price. I don't know, something just allures me to Fendi. I don't know why. But I definitely can't afford the $2000 price tag! I do think coach has more style and is a lot more fun in their bags. That's probably why I keep buying them!

    Just keep posting to the authenticate thread and you will find some helpful Fendi friends. Of course the coaches still beat them all!
  11. oh nooo. disintegrated! i can hear my mother's voice now....chalk it up to a lesson learned. always go over ebay (and wherever) purchases as soon as you get them.
  12. I know, I know! Shame on me! I did look it over but obviously not good enough. The seller was horrible too. Mocking me, saying "well I have 100% feed back on over 800 transactions compared to your measly 91." BTW most of the feedbacks were from purchases she made not for her sales practices. Then she said my email sounded threatening and she was reporting me to ebay! I don't know how my email was threatening, I just told her I didn't feel she was honest in her description.
  13. oh the seller behavior is definately the worst! for what it's worth, it wouldn't hurt to post your experience in the ebay forum...i read there sometimes, and people really know the ins and outs of ebay.

    at the same time though, i don't really know much about michael kors bags. i have one, my only yellow bag in my purse hoard. i know several people in this forum also frequent the MK forum, so have you asked about your particular MK bag there?
  14. MK is boring and Coach and LV are my fav fun places to hang out. Coach is the best!!!!
  15. Just when it came out. I wasn't aware it was 5 years old. I will post there and post pics as well as on the eBay forum. Good thing I copied the auction details and pics yesterday because ebay took them down today. Thanks for your help.

    Btw. What yellow bag do you have? I obsessed with getting a yellow bag lately! Maybe because it's spring.