Official Coach 1941 Spring 2020 Thread

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  1. Coach will present the Coach 1941 Spring/Summer 2020 collection on September 10th at 5 pm EST.
    Spring 2020 will be presented at one of the gardens on The Highline.

    Stuart Vevers has alluded to the fact that the Coach Archival Icons / Coach Originals collection has some correlation to Spring 2020. Perhaps we'll see more Bonnie Cashin-inspired bags and accessories?
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    So excited to see this! Hoping for some really cute, colorful, whimsical bags. And maybe some Cassies in fun colors, too. I would love one in yellow.
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  3. Yes a Cassie in yellow!!
  4. Can't wait too see what's in store.
  5. I would also like to see the Cassie in new colours! I am very interested to see the Coach Originals influence on the Spring collection too.
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  6. Wonder what will be available to purchase right after the show!!!
  7. Anything here look new for Pre-Spring 2020

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  8. 2020

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  9. Does anyone know if there's a "Shop the Runway" after the show?
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    The email invite says ‘shop select pieces after the show’ but not sure if that is the same thing...?

    ETA: Just saw the faux commercial on the live broadcast and it said you can buy the spring 2020 collection on after the show.
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  11. I did not receive an RUNWAY email?? What did it look like? when did you get it?
  12. The faux commercials are so hysterical...
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  13. Ugh.....I never receive Coach emails.
  14. The new originals are on the website from the runway
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