Official Christina Aguilera thread!

  1. I think her body actually looks really good in that last set of photos! Her hair and makeup on the other hand are a little questionable.
  2. I wish she would stop wearing those stupid booty shorts. When you are short you shouldn't wear things that cut you off right there! It just makes her butt look wider than it really is.
  3. She looks better, I love her shoes.
  4. Her body looks good,'d have to look like a VS angel to get away with what she's wearing at the The Voice performance, I think. That's not very flattering on anyone with hips and a booty.
    She does look so much better than she has in a long while though! I have a feeling she'll be putting out music again soon!
  5. I love Blakes face with the male strippers! I didn't realize how bad the contestants voice was... Maybe fighter is really hard to sing, cuz they sounded really off!

    She s looking great!
  6. Yeah It was not impressive.
  7. Source: JustJared
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  8. Shes back on her orange spray
  9. I think it's completely possible for her to look like she did in the Stripped era, she just chooses not to. And that's totally her prerogative. She's got far more important priorities now and she seems happy the way she is, so it seems things are just as they should be
  10. When Xtina first re-emerged for her Bionic promo she was not bloated or orange. Even before when she appeared at the Golden Globes with Cher she looked fine. Her appearance changed while her marriage was failing. JMO.
  11. ITA.

    There's quite a spectrum between "building muscle like a guy" and "putting on muscle easily" in comparison with a lot of other women.

    I don't know a lot of female fitness competitors, but of the women I know who put on muscle easily (and have some lovely emotional baggage from being harangued for it by parents and classmates during their teens), they don't go into workout routines or hobbies that increase it. And given your hardline views on it, perhaps your clientele are self-editing into a group of people whose bodies align with your theories? I've not returned to trainers who emphasize building muscle over increasing endurance, and who poo-poo my concerns about becoming too muscular, after giving one the benefit of the doubt, with disastrous results. :smile:

    Nooo way is teensy little 5'0" Xtina a size 12 now or ever!!! She's probably a 4-6 now. I wouldn't be suprised if she were a 0 or 00 in her "Stripped" days.

    Cameras definitely add 10 pounds too, don't forget!
  12. Yeah... I think the combination of of Bionic flopping and her marriage ending triggered the weight gain/heavier drinking (bloat).
  13. ^I agree.
  14. I hope you realise that i am from THE UK so i was talking about UK sizes, she was on the cover of a magazine over here and stated that she was a UK size 12 (so a US size 8) :yes:

    And isn't her height like 5ft 2in?
  15. Yeah, I think she may be a UK size 8 since she carries her weight in her mid section and has big boobs ...