Official Christina Aguilera thread!

  1. She looks a little better.
  2. She looks a little more cleaned up now. But her legs are so oddly shaped.:-s
  3. She is starting to look better.. did she have implants?
  4. The red lipstick didn't make it into the fire pit with leggings? Baby steps I guess.
  5. ^lol

    She's making improvements! :nuts:
  6. she has bow-legs
  7. She's looking a little better!
  8. Looking better...body-wise. But certainly not make-up wise, in the last pictures :oh:
  9. I'm thinking butt cheek implants

    But she looks better
  10. She'd drop 5lbs if she removed her makeup!
  11. I like the dress, but I think the opaque tights don't contrast it enough.
  12. lmao
  13. Seriously? She's always been curvy, even when thin! I have a similar body shape and building muscle volume in your butt ( and arms and giant speed-skater thighs sadly) is effortless. The real struggle is keeping enough fat off of your waist for it to show.

    Plus the outfits she's wearing really accentuate any little curves you might have ... A lot.
  14. I don't think she has butt implants. Breast implants? Yes. Butt implants? Doubtful. She's improved her look a little bit lately, but I still wish she'd go for a softer look. In this week's Us Weekly, her hair stylist said that she is going to do a drastic hair change soon. Hope that's true!
  15. I agree!