Official Christina Aguilera thread!

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  1. Wow! I really like her in these pics! Sexy but not trashy!

    What do you all think?
    xtina_maxim1_medium.jpg xtina_maxim2_medium.jpg xtina_maxim5_medium.jpg xtina_maxim3_medium.jpg xtina_maxim4_medium.jpg
  2. She looks fab! She really cleaned up nicely after hooking up with Jordan.
  3. Yes, she did. But did you hear her say in an interview that she will still be the dirty Christina that she was before even though she got married? And she also said that Jordan encourages her to wear less! I hope that's just for the money and when she sings. Because if I was married and my husband was encouraging me to look like a slut OUTSIDE our home, I would divorce him! lol I just think that's very disrespectful.
  4. I think she's just adorable! She seems really happy too which is just wonderful!
  5. Ooh wow, she looks so pretty. Classy is really the way to go... Good job Christina!
  6. She's been looking really good lately.. but I just don't understand that bright fire engine red lipstick over and over again !!
  7. she looks good!!!!
  8. She looks great. I think they'r so cute together.
  9. I think she looks really good, she seems to have chilled since she got married! Very classy!
  10. I like her hair long, better than her Marilyn Monroe hairdo. She looks nice in those photos!
  11. I know what you mean!
    I remember seeing a 'makeunder' of her in Allure magazine, with lighter eye makeup and glossy pink lips. She looked so lovely.
    She looks a bit hard with the black eyeliner/red lips/bleached hair look.
  12. i love her hair! my only qualm about her is that she sometimes wears too much makeup
  13. does anyone else think she looks orange?
    She looks better and better for sure, but the spray on tan isn't fooling anyone!
  14. Nope, can't say I think she looks good, not even remotely good.

    Fake breasts, strange coloring, unnatural hair color. Far from good in my books.

  15. Wayyyyyy orange.
    Remember her 'Genie in a Bottle' phase?
    She's naturally quite fair.
    Hollywood is way to addicted to their spray tan/bronzer.