Official Christina Aguilera thread!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. i can't see the pics! :sad:
  3. me too :sad:
  4. I love Christina, her and hubby always looks so cute together!!! But, her outfit doesn't do her justice.
  5. she is really pretty, i think she is wearing like a sweater dress or something?
  6. not seeing the pics...
  7. can't see pics :o(
  8. Love her new look although I wish she'd give the red lipstick a rest for a day.
  9. argh. i can't see the pics either.
  10. can't see pics either.
  11. i like the red lipstick
  12. Love the red lipstick on her! :heart::heart::heart:
  13. I think that Cristina Aguila as skinny as she is, looks big in that sweater dress. I could only imagine how I would look in that dress!! Little whale.....
  14. Not saying I don't like the red lipstick, I think it looks good on her but she's wearing it constantly. I think she looks awesome here...
  15. No pics for me either