Official Chloe weekend

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  1. #106 Oct 21, 2008
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2008
    There was another thread posted yesterday on Chloe, or day b4 about broken heli handles and WHAT TO DO... maybe you can talk your DH into writing a guide as to how he fixed yours...?? Seems to be problem w/ those helis!

    I TRIED to keep to my shut, Lescoy... but sometimes it just over-runneth! :sad:
  2. So sorry :sad:. We have been a very bad girls.Never again :nogood:.
    OK. Last Saturday and Sunday I carried my black Bay and today I´m using my edith satchel. I did some shopping on Saturday and I carried everything in the arm was exhausted :sweatdrop::faint:!
    Love both of them so much...and my Edith bowler is sleeping since more than three months :sad:.
  3. Carried my black Bay over the weekend, as I was traveling, and it's a great travel bag (love the outer pockets)--I'm now carrying my Or paddy.
  4. Can you believe i havent been able to use my silverado yet due to miserable weather conditions? This is the first time it has happened, i usually take my bags for a spin the very minute they arrive... i am beginning to forget that i have a python silverado in my closet... oh, dear!
  5. ^^The same thing happened to me with my python Paraty----frustrating!!
  6. Oh for shame! The weather here is great! Send them along I will give them a good workout for you!:rolleyes:
  7. I took my chloe paddington out this past weekend.......Thanks to you guys, you inspired me:tup:
    019.JPG 020.JPG
  8. :bump:

    I took my silverado out today and it felt good... I've decided to carry the medium betty tomorrow and the baby paddy on Sunday... I may try to use the Edith tomorrow as well! A complete Chloe weekend...
  9. Been carrying my new pacific blue Heloise bowler, absolutely love it - what a color!!
  10. I've been good and took my choco medium Betty out today and she is definitely my fav bag! I love of all the pockets... and the brass rings... and the silver/brass combination... and the perfect size... and the colour...
  11. Don´t tell me, please :drool:. Where is my desired medium black Betty :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:...?
  12. Probably in the US!
  13. In this case I need a lovely trip all over US :graucho:, only because I need the Betty :graucho:.