Official Chloe weekend

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  1. I am dying to take my choco silverado out for a spin... so i wanted to propose a Chloe weekend to all of you:


    Get those sleeping beauties out of their dustbags and take them out for a spin!
  2. OK. I am going out for Happy Hour with my DH this evening and taking my Maggie with me. Do you have "happy hour" in Spain? Or every hour is happy hour there?

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  3. Gorgeous bag, you lucky girl! (and beautiful bed... i really like it... is it antique?)

    We have happy hour... Drinking regulations arent very strict, so we tend to drink evenly and dont guzzle drinks down, plus many drinks come with a free snack (tapa)... so we dont get drunk very easily... Clubbing is different, however, since there are no snacks... just human flesh! :graucho:

    I havent been to one for ages, but i will try...

    Anyone else?
  4. Oooh, I'm using a few Chloes this weekend! this weekend will consist of a very long outing for me - I'm flying to the UK :yahoo:

    All my precious Chloes are coming in my carryon luggage with me. I don't have time to take a picture now, but will try to snap a pic on the plane or something. My choco paddy will be my carryon handbag, the others will be safely stored in my carryon tote.
  5. I've just logged in at a small hotel at a lake in Bavaria, took my plum Heloise with me, she will be my only Chloé this weekend, but she's been sleeping in her dustbag for some weeks now. I tend to rotate my bags weekly, so with 8 Chloés now, they do get some rest (although my newest- baby silver python hobo Silverado - is a go out bag only - I do miss her though, she was sitting next to my working place now for two days and I love looking at her, I adore her!
    Chloé ladies, enjoy this weekend!
  6. BTW, I love your Maggie! Time to get my Maggie out, too, but it is light, maybe she'll have to wait until spring....:crybaby:
  7. You're taking all of them?
    that's going to be a very heavy carry on bag!
  8. I love the Maggie above and the iron bed (fabulous patina!).

    Maria I wore my front pocket Paddy in Chi Town last weekend? Does that count??
  9. I probably won't be doing anything exciting, getting ready for company next week! My BIL and SIL are coming to stay for a few days. Oh joy! But where ever I go FP paddy will be joining me!

  10. Love your Maggie!!:heart:
  11. Guess I need to change bags, as I've been carrying my Jimmy Choo Platinum Mahala all week, we've had rainy days and it's a good durable bag (plus convenient). Soooo, maybe Miss Paraty will make an appearance this weekend, she's been sleeping in her dustbag since I received her.
  12. Thanks, girls for your kind words for my Maggie and my bed. The bed was my DH's grandpa's. It was painted black over lead base paint at some point and when I got it, it was looking pretty awful. I had to do some sanding and sealing to make it in the current state.

    My report for this evening out. I had a meeting until 5pm today. Then went out to find my car towed!!! (or stolen, I didn't know at that moment.) My DH had to pick me up and call around to find where my car was. We were still determined to get in to a bar by 6:00 for happy hour. We found my car and paid the fee and take it back to our house and made it in to order beers and food!!!:yahoo: Maggie has been good. She did not have a stool for herself and I had to carry her on my shoulder entire time but she was very comfortable.:heart:
  13. I think your Maggie will be very cute during the holiday season.:yes: Or is the weather not very good there in Germany during winter?
  14. Black Bay has been out with me all weekend! So count me in...
  15. Does Friday count?? I was out to lunch and shopping with a friend today with my old pink Paraty and have actually been using her all week including last Sunday to San Fran where my sister was amazed at how it was a different color in every light. I am a traitor though because I just switched to my Jimmy Choo aqua suede with gold metallic Ramona to take to San Fran tomorrow because I'm going to the JC boutique and they haven't seen this one..... :shrugs:

    Have a good weekend everybody! :wlae:
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