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  1. Seems like there's news at least 5 days/week about this gal, can we all just start putting it in one spot?
    I was going to just merge a bunch but didn't want to upset everyone, but there's really just too many seperate threads I think:yes:
  2. LOL!! You think up the greatest thread titles, Swank!
  3. Britney Leaves Vegas After More Partying

    Posted by ExtraTV Staff on September 11, 2007 11:00 AM

    “Extra” spotted a sullen Britney Spears boarding a plane and leaving Las Vegas yesterday, where we have learned she might be looking for a new nanny.
    The troubled pop star has been distraught for days, as “Extra” spotted her immediately after her performance at the VMAs with her head down, rushing past photographers. Britney was reportedly in tears.
    But Britney’s worries over her comeback performance didn’t stop her from partying.
    She was spotted exiting a car outside a Vegas hotel without any underwear – again!
    Today there are new revelations about what may have led to Britney’s meltdown, which reportedly started with some backstage boozing.
    The New York Post says Britney showed up late to rehearsals the day before and was tossing back margaritas.
    The Post also claims Britney refused to do the more complicated dance numbers, which caused the worried dancers to ask friends “to pray for them.”
    Us Weekly’s Ken Baker tells “Extra” that Britney may have been drinking beer and Vodka just hours before going on stage. But he also says that other sources insist Britney didn’t have a drop to drink that night.
    Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves also parted ways with Britney just before the show.
    Paves tells “Extra” that while he did go to the Palms Casino Resort, he “made the professional decision not to do her hair for the VMAs.”
    So Britney did her own ‘do – and that was just the beginning of her makeover mess.
    She reportedly refused to wear her stylist’s clothing and instead dressed herself in black panties and a sparkly bra.
    After she wrapped up the performance, Baker says she “got off stage and immediately was in tears, and she was overheard saying, ‘I looked like a fat pig.’”
    But one famous performer says Britney’s show wasn’t entirely her fault.
    Kanye West, who was furious after losing out in all the categories he was nominated in, says that MTV “exploited” Britney because she wasn’t ready to perform.
    He told New York radio station Z100, “They exploited Britney in helping to end her career… When Britney was opening, near the end, I felt so bad for her. I said, 'Man, it's a dirty game. This game will chew you up and spit you out.'"
    He also told “Extra” today that Britney was “not in her right mind” when she performed and that MTV shouldn’t have encouraged a performance.
    It’s the same sentiment Ellen DeGeneres has about the fiasco.
    She said on her show today, “I felt bad because somebody should've said, ‘Don't do it – there’s too much expectation, you've got to really, really deliver if you're going to do this.’”
  4. TMZ has a slightly different take on the hair sitch:

    [​IMG]Britney Tressed-Out by Jess Simpson's Hair?!

    Posted Sep 12th 2007 8:15AM by TMZ Staff
    Filed under: Let's Get This Party Started
    [​IMG]Maybe that's what pushed Britney over the edge: It turns out that the slopwreck was forced to wear hair extensions from Jessica Simpson's line for her VMA disaster, totally against her will.

    Vegas Confidential reports that Spears "pitched a fit" backstage when she demanded to wear brown hair, but her handlers wanted her to wear the stringy blonde extensions that she sported on stage. Apparently, Brit paid her own stylist ten grand to make the trip to Vegas so she could take a walk on the brown side, but her peeps said no way.
  5. [​IMG][​IMG]
  6. TOTALLY prepared wasn't she!?

    Can you imagone J LO going on stage like that? She'd have an assistant at the curtain w/ a set of Lee press on just in case. You HAVE TO BE PREPARED!
  7. Oh wow....she's even missing a fingernail!!
  8. This one's from

    Before her now-notorious performance at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas, Britney Spears had a spat with celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, PEOPLE reports in its latest issue, on newsstands Friday.

    Weeks before the awards show, "Britney had requested his two female assistants [to do her extensions] since she prefers women around her," and was disappointed when Paves himself arrived, says a Spears source. The stylist soon left, taking his hair with him.

    "He bailed," says the source. Says Paves's rep: "Ken made the professional decision not to do her hair for the VMAs."

    That wasn't Spears's only problem – there was also a wardrobe flap. An MTV rep says costumers picked out a form-flattering corset for her to wear, but Spears chose a bikini instead.
  9. Why, why, why did she wear that glittery bra-thing? She looks ridiculous!
  10. At least her fishnets didn't have holes in them like they usually do!!
  11. she has a muffin top, she should have stuck with the corset...
  12. Ouch!!
  13. I feel bad for this girl on many levels but the fact is she has never had any real talent.I wouldn't equate her stint on the Micky Mouse Club as being talented.

    The industry took a young attractive girl,painted up her face and dressed her in inappropriate costumes for her young age,taught her some well choreographed dance moves with the ever popular bump and grind thrown in for good measure and oh yes lets not forget the art of
    lip-synching and succeeded in passing her off as a

    When this is all the so called talent you have going for yourself you can't expect to ride the gravytrain forever.

    Britney's looks were her only real asset and she still has a nice body for a young woman that had two children back to back,but lets face it her teenage years are long over.

    The best thing she could do for herself and her boys would be to seek out a good therapist,start living more of a private lifestyle and enjoy what is left of her youth in a calmer state of mind.

    The industry can live without her,there are still millons of young woman with goodlooks and minimal talent they can exploit for profit.

    What gets me the most is that her young followers that for years thought the sun rose and sat in her backyard have now become the biggest bashers as they watched her downward spiral.
  14. Swanky you rock! But yeah I actually feel sorry for her! She looked awful!
  15. I doubt Briteny would ever let a hair person tell how how to wear her hair. I mean if she wanted to wear brown hair she would have. Let's look at the way she dresses. She does not take a stylist advice so why would she take a management team telling her how to wear her hair. Just a cop out cause her hair looked like crap.....Jessica Simpson extensions--this gets out there will a run for them in the stores (LOL).........She needs guidance but will not listen to anyone. She could have walked out of the awards before she went on, it would not have been the first time unless they paid her big $$$$ to do it.
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