Official Britney thread II

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  1. she can come back. shes young enough. not everyone is cut out to handle that kind of superstar pressure.
  2. Aw, those were the good old days, lol!
    I really miss that Britney!
  3. My fav of all time....

    Come back Britney!!
  4. I agree!I miss that Britney!
  5. I remember photo shopped Brit - sure!

    That girl's only hope of a come back is a big named star (JT and Timberland) taking her under their wing and producing the crap out of her.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. The girl/woman just had two kids back to back..that would wipe anyone out! Plus she's just living a crazy life...partying...drinking...smoking....marrying...divorcing....
    You are surprised that she looks rundown lately??? I'm not! In fact, I'm surprised she is holding up so well.
    She can come back...but she has to get her life together.
    I have a feeling she will be back........
  8. I miss the old Britney. She can still make a come back!!!
  9. she is going to come back, in due time.
    I always loved her legs.
  10. She's on her way! You'll see!
  11. I miss her...I think we all do!
  12. I miss her too but am also convinced that she will be making a comeback!!
  13. Oh yes I do... I hope we see her again.
  14. hopefully she'll come back :O