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Seasonal Official Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2017 Thread - post pics & discuss here!


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Here goes Spring 2017 :nuts:
*all text and photos courtesy: vogue.vom


Gigi Hadid and Lauren Hutton, two modeling greats of their times, walked arm in arm as Tomas Maier's symbol of what Bottega Veneta is all about—a classy way of carrying on. Hadid was wearing a sporty, dusty rose pink taffeta top and pants, Hutton a beige trench coat. Maier doesn't do pomp and ceremony; his fall collection was, even by his rigorous standards, an extreme exercise in restraint—or as he described it afterward, about the aesthetics of "nothing" clothes. Yet this was a grand occasion: the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Bottega Veneta. The connection with Hutton is that she carried an intrecciato woven clutch bag in the 1980 movie American Gigolo. It's been reproduced as a company milestone re-edition among 14 other bags from the archive.

The value of the living tradition of Italian handwork has been a theme of Milan Fashion Week—with the vocal support of the Italian prime minister. But as wondrous as Bottega Veneta's unique handwoven technique may be (or anyone's, for that matter), crafts can only be made exciting and desirable in the light of fashion, and that's what Maier has successfully brought to the accessory house in his time as creative director. He takes issue, though, with many of the practices of fashion marketing. When asked backstage if he intended to make a point about Bottega being a house for grownups, he shot back, "It's never about an age group. I dislike any kind of classification, by skin tone or age—it's something I detest." Rather, to be a Bottega customer, "you need to like something quiet" and to be "a little more cultivated about materials."

If his work is age-neutral, it's also season-free. The uncompromisingly dark palette he chose to open the show—with its brown ostrich and crocodile coats and jackets, dark green leather, black knit polo shirts, and charcoal midis and raincoats—could have been for fall. Was this a see-now-buy-now collection? Hardly. Maier's point is not commercial immediacy, but continuity and longevity with a focus on answering lifestyle needs. He's whittled those solutions down to shirtwaist dresses, coat dresses, pantsuits, and knits—and he took us through shades and permutations of them, right up until Hutton and Hadid walked out, to a standing ovation.

From Lauren Hutton to Gigi Hadid: 6 Reasons Why Bottega Veneta’s Cast Rocked


Bottega Veneta is known for a thinking woman’s take on luxury, and fittingly its runway ends to be filled with models who offer more than just good looks. Artists and musicians often share space with the girls of the moment, creating a mix that is elegant and evocative. For the Spring 2017 anniversary show, Tomas Maier and casting director Anita Bitton selected a multi-generational lineup of men and women with star power and style. Here, six reasons why today’s show was a standout.

Lauren Hutton’s Return
There are top models, and then there are legends like Lauren Hutton. A supermodel before the term was even invented, Hutton has been working the runway since the ’60s, though these days you’re more likely to see her in the front row during fashion month. She’s been on hiatus since Tom Ford’s return show in 2011, and her return today was particularly triumphant: She closed the show arm in arm with Gigi Hadid.

Beauty Without Age
If the show had an underlying message, it was that style has no age limit. Many of the models featured were seasoned pros, and the presence of Malgosia Bela (39), Eva Herzigova (43), and Lauren Hutton (72) was a welcome change from the usual sea of tweens at the Milan shows. Having superstars in their 30s in the mix, including, Adriana Lima, Karen Elson, Elise Crombez, and Vivien Solari, certainly didn’t hurt either.

The Boys!
Male models usually take a back seat during the womenswear collections, but at Bottega, boys were an essential part of the show. Supermodels Clément Chabernaud and Mathias Lauridsen led a cast that included buzzy stars such as Geron McKinley and Charlie Timms, It boys Oscar Kindelan, Tae Eun Bang, and the striking Swede with a flattop, Oliver Kumbi.

Fresh Faces
Alongside the modeling legends, hunky guys, and Bottega regulars, there were plenty of newer faces, too. Floridian bombshell Grace Elizabeth, Saint Lucian rising star Brittany Noon, and Japanese model Rina Fukushi all made their way down the runway.

Beauty Changes!
In a season where everyone is switching his or her hair to neon colors or extreme cuts, Aymeline Valade and her new hairdo were refreshingly different. Emerging on the Bottega runway with a reddish brown shade to replace the platinum look she’s worn for the past few years, Valade made an impact, embracing a subtle sophistication, one that just happened to coordinate perfectly with her sierra-toned dress.

The Sister Act
Gigi and Bella Hadid have dominated Milan Fashion Weekby doing shows together. The girl power vibes continued at Bottega, with Bella snagging second place after show opener Vittoria Ceretti and Gigi closing.

Lauren Hutton Is Back! The Supermodel’s Surprise Return to the Runway at Bottega Veneta
SEPTEMBER 24, 2016 12:33 PMby MONICA KIM
Bottega Veneta Spring 2017

Excited whispers flitted throughout Milan’s Brera Academy all morning—that Lauren Hutton, the fashion legend, had been spotted walking the sparse stone halls. And indeed, when the lights went up on Bottega Veneta’s Spring 2017show, those rumors proved true: The jaw-dropping ’70s icon, who ruled countless covers (including a record 41 for Vogue) with her golden glow and signature gap-toothed grin, had returned to the runway for the house’s 50th-anniversary outing.

Dressed in a languid silk trench with loose waves, the 72-year-old Hutton epitomized the timeless, easy appeal of the Bottega woman, gliding down the catwalk to the snaps of countless iPhones. When she appeared once again, the supermodel, who first shook up the modeling industry with her lithe athleticism, outspoken candor, and adventurous spirit, was accompanied by present-day super and social media powerhouse Gigi Hadid—another pop culture boundary breaker with a public voice and needle-moving beauty to spare.

What better runway moment than the sight of two all-American bombshells, with their larger-than-life personalities, healthy good looks, and boundless reserves of energy, passing by arm in arm? Consider it the Milan Fashion Week moment to beat.

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