Seasonal Official Bottega Veneta Resort/Cruise 2013-2014 thread! Post pics and discuss here

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    Resort/ Cruise/ Pre-Spring 2014

    Tomas Maier focused on a print- and pattern-heavy resort collection, working with block-printing techniques and layered fabrics to “create something that’s not understandable at first,” he said. To his point, what a full-skirted poplin dress done in block-printed lace and lace-embellished motifs lacked in hanger appeal, transformed into a statement in craftsy sophistication when on the body. Sportier styles came in silk shantung worked in geometric patchworks on a boxy tunic over short shorts — a counterpoint to the easy femininity of dresses, simple in shape but layered with decorative treatments. A slipdress was done in painted sequins, and shifts in layers of macramé and fringe. To accessorize, there were raffia kitten heels, ombré bags and robust chain necklaces and cuffs. wwd

    Picture credit:
    Bottega_Veneta_001_20130509162147.jpg Bottega_Veneta_002_20130509162146.jpg Bottega_Veneta_003_20130509162149.jpg Bottega_Veneta_004_20130509162149.jpg Bottega_Veneta_005_20130509162148.jpg Bottega_Veneta_006_20130509162148.jpg Bottega_Veneta_007_20130509162156.jpg Bottega_Veneta_008_20130509162156.jpg Bottega_Veneta_009_20130509162152.jpg Bottega_Veneta_010_20130509162156.jpg
  2. .
    Bottega_Veneta_011_20130509162157.jpg Bottega_Veneta_012_20130509162153.jpg Bottega_Veneta_013_20130509162158.jpg Bottega_Veneta_014_20130509162158.jpg Bottega_Veneta_015_20130509162200.jpg Bottega_Veneta_016_20130509162158.jpg Bottega_Veneta_017_20130509162201.jpg Bottega_Veneta_018_20130509162159.jpg Bottega_Veneta_019_20130509162203.jpg Bottega_Veneta_020_20130509162209.jpg
  3. Pictures: wwd
    bottega-veneta-resort01.JPG bottega-veneta-resort02.JPG bottega-veneta-resort03.JPG bottega-veneta-resort04.JPG bottega-veneta-resort05.JPG bottega-veneta-resort06.JPG bottega-veneta-resort07.JPG bottega-veneta-resort08.JPG bottega-veneta-resort09.JPG
  4. I like some of the dresses, but the shoes are awful!
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    I love the shoes the two tone loafers and the spectator pumps
    just not crazy about the kitten heel
    the shoes would probably look better if the models didn't have such big skinny feet
    not crazy about the big clunky bags with the delicate dresses
    just seems out of place
  6. I have heard lower heeled shoes are making a huge comeback. The models look short without high heels.

    The low heels definitely give a more informal vibe.
  7. Hehe, the hubby looked at these and actually though some were plastic mannekins because the complexion was so fair. Goofy man.

    I too like the 2 tone loafers. But the dress colors and patterns are a bit "angry" looking to me, like someone scribbled madly across the fabric with pencils. Might be something that has to be seen in person.
  8. tm is probably angry that no one buys clothes until they go on sale LOL
    I like the clothes I have always liked most of his women's line
    I have never liked his men's wear
    I think it is just odd and don't know anyone men that would wear them
    although his leather jackets are always wonderful for men and women

  9. Love the two tone shoes..I am wondering if there will be two tone veneta :smile:
  10. It's just ok. Last summer's collection was a snooze and from what I heard, I'm not alone in that opinion. Hoping for better this year. The red bag looks interesting but that's about it for me. I can't see buying any of those shoes.
  11. MAY 8, 2013, NEW YORK By Nicole Phelps

    To produce Bottega Veneta's new Cruise shoes—loafers with woven-raffia uppers, brogues with raffia insets, and raffia kitten heels with leather cap toes—Tomas Maier commissioned artisans in Morocco. "We tried to do it in Italy, but…" he threw up his hands, indicating that even the skilled factories in BV's native country didn't know the right techniques in this particular case. To get the raffia supple enough to weave, Maier continued, it must be bathed in oil and water first. "I like being able to display that kind of know-how."

    It's a detail worth bringing up not only because the shoes are truly fabulous but also because it illuminates the entire Bottega Veneta collection, which once more puts the emphasis on craft. Cotton poplin dresses are embroidered with raw swatches of St. Gallen lace and then block-printed, while A-line frocks are embroidered with fringe, then veiled in a sheer black material, which is further embellished with macramé and swags of silver chain. The real marvel, though, is that the results look so effortless, so exactly like what you want to wear when the weather turns hot. A pair of solid stretch-cotton dresses with only big floppy bows for adornment looked simpler in their execution, but still special.

    This season's handbag additions include ombré-dyed, soft-construction goatskin city totes and smaller Intrecciato-style bags with hand-painted edges. "No two bags are the same," Maier said. "The client appreciates that." Innovation seems to be the Maier way. Next month he'll unveil a Bottega Veneta shop on Melrose Place in L.A. with an entirely new store concept; it'll be built to resemble nothing more so than a home. style
  12. Review by Emily Holt

    Bottega Veneta’s Tomas Maier kicked off the resort season Wednesday with a collection that was appealing, not only because it seems like decades since we’ve laid eyes on lightweight clothing. An exceptionally long winter in the Northeast kept us bundled in wool and so much in fashion recently has gone the way of heavy, unwieldy fabrics. Not Maier, not now. The concise, 20-look presentation he put together consisted of effortless dresses, skirts, and featherweight sweaters that carried the signature BV elegance. Dark-cotton poplin dresses had roomy sleeves and knots at the waist that made it look as if you could have simply grabbed the nearest swath of perfect material and wrapped it around yourself. Loose slip dresses were covered in matte sequins printed with an almost undetectable marbleized pattern in reds, oranges, and corals. They were sliced open at the sides and connected via ties and a matching strip of fabric. Several pieces, including a deep-blue sundress and an off-white shirt, were adorned with hand-cut lace that’s artfully destroyed. The treatments lent the effect of pretty clothes dealt with irreverently. A graphic-print sheath with crochet overlay? Blot red paint all over it. Same goes for the ivory long-sleeved sweater, except dipped in ink this time, so the hem and bottom half of the sleeves were saturated. Now, obviously a lot more technical expertise went into the actual execution of these clothes, but—and maybe this is the influence of the recently opened “Punk: Chaos to Couture” exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art—there’s something alluring about the idea of wearing things that look like you’ve manipulated them yourself and made them your own. Of course it’s even better if someone as skillful as Maier has already done it for you. vogue
  13. Not a huge fan of the clothes, but I like the two-tone brogues and the smaller ombre satchels.
  14. Some very pretty dresses!
  15. Thanks for posting but dissappointing in my humble view. Tomas Maier can do better.