Official Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2019 Thread - post pics & discuss here.

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  1. Excuse me, but hello? this is art. The handles are inspired by The Arco della Pace. I mean c’mon you guys! What kind of uncultured heathens are you? This is neoclassic architecture at its finest. It’s finest!!
    And.... um French calfskin people. Cows from FRANCE! Raised on baguettes and fine fine fromage. It’s like a multicultural explosion, uh excuse-moi, a mélange of cultures. It’s a new language of Intrecciato. The language of, of.... merde.
    Ugh. I just don’t know how we can be friends anymore.
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  2. Well I have been chastised and am hanging my head.....I clearly have no taste at all. sigh:P
  3. no taste, no sense of style in me either :lol:
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  4. Hehe - you guys! I was just in Las Vegas and got to see the new Daniel Lee bags in person at a couple of the boutiques. Very disappointed. Nothing looks like BV. Most looks like Celine, or some bastardization of the Tomas Maier intrecciato weave. The new styles with the larger weave really turns me OFF. The weave looks like a lawn chair. The Arco looks nearly identical to a Celine bag, and too futsy, with the strap and slot on the flap. The large is giant and I really don't know anyone who could pull that off. A few of the SAs said they were warming to the pouch, though I cannot say I even like that. Very "anatomical" is accurate. I like my bags to be beautiful and functional - neither criteria was met. Proportions seem off, too. I can only shake my head in disappointment. Sigh...
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  5. This is absolutely hilarious. Bravo Von! :tup::lol:
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  6. Did you see the bucket cabat? I am interested in that bag so any first impressions appreciated.
  7. Me too. I would be tempted to buy one, but only when it hits the resale market. Does it have the original continuous weave or is the inside suede. If suede, I am not tempted
  8. I believe it is continuous weave- no suede.
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  9. They had one at The Wynn boutique in Poppy - I think it was Poppy.
    It’s small. The hardware is fussy, I feel like a buckle would have been a better choice than the stud attachments (for lack of a better word)
    Woven inside and out, just like a real Cabat, except it’s.not.a.cabat.
    It’s a crossbody :lol:
  10. Thanks. I can mark that off of my list and move one. I trust your judgment.
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  11. Thank you for the info. I’m still into it - have to check it out.
  12. B9DF5517-92D5-4927-99A0-6523F960486D.jpeg
  13. Bucket bag in dark petrol. Nappa “bonded” to suede.
  14. AE2D30E4-0FCC-4C04-9094-4D850EFEF49E.jpeg 498BA81D-6287-4A59-8BAD-701D0E4CBF41.jpeg 06071A1E-2179-435C-9CAA-F0370C9F9592.jpeg The mini cabat will also be in dark petrol with tan suede lining and pouch (wear on suede pouch?). Here are some pics of mini. I worry about sag with suede interior. Pics courtesy of Candace at Las Vegas store.
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  15. Is that the Bellagio Store? I popped in there briefly after the TPF Hermes meetup last Saturday but I didn’t see the Mini Cabat there. They had The Barfco, er uh... I mean The Arco Bag on full display. The (new to BV) Sales Associate was singing its praises. Bless her heart :lol:

    I wouldn’t worry about sag with the suede interior. The construction is no different than a traditional Mini Cabat. I don’t think it will loose its shape any more or less than a fully woven Nappa Cabat.

    The woman in the background looks like the Russian woman that bought a large Mist Pouch from the Wynn boutique on Saturday. :lol: