Seasonal Official Bottega Veneta Cruise/Resort 2011-2012 thread: Post pics and discuss here!

  1. it probably does and it depends on what store you go to (i.e. Barneys, bergdorf, BV boutiques will have different color availability in different styles). so calling around is a good idea. if you have ready access to stores in asia, then you're in luck because they tend to carry all the colors. for example, last year, BV USA didn't order any bright color in the medium size shredded veneta but as TDL revealed, BV Hong Kong carried all the bright colors.

    there is a violet cabat coming out. it looks to be a rich bright violet.
  2. Cruise/Resort Cabats 2011-2012 include: Steel nappa cabat, Memory Intreccio Cabat in Shock, Fire and Cioccolato, Tourmaline Vachette

    Spring/Summer 2012: Violet nappa cabat, Crystal Cabat, Nappa-Crystal Cabat, Tourmaline Cloth Punto Mocassino Cabat
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    For those of you that have the ricamato (aka safari/patchwork) veneta, please let me know how you like it. Are you still using it? How is it holding up? Does it show dirt easily?

  4. ^ I've carried mine three times. It's a stiffer bag than a regular veneta. I think the top stitching will allow the bag to keep it's shape, which for me is a good thing. Some of my older venetas are very slouchy making them look too casual for times I want more of a put together look. I think the different colors combined with the overlayed stitching will help to hide normal wear and tear and soiling better than a solid light colored least I hope so.
  5. I purchased this bag in the large veneta when it first came out. I loved the seemingly random blend of neutral colors. However, when I finally received it, I was very disappointed in the "feeling" of the netting over the leather. Way too stiff for me and I returned it. I think that stiffness would certainly help the veneta keep its shape over time. I just missed the wonderful tactile experience of massaging BV's luxurious leather. Hard to do that with the netting.
  6. LLANeedle and newbags4me - Thanks for the responses!
  7. I just bought this at the May sales in Maxi and love it. It is so different then either of my other ventas. I used it for a week straight and received more comments on this bag then any bag I have in a long time. As others said, stiffer but I think a great bag. I would buy it again if I had too.
  8. Update - I received the bag from, but it has to be returned. Several of the stitches have come undone and are starting to unravel. I do think it's a good looking bag, but now I realize that it would probably have been too delicate for me.

    Thanks again, for your responses, though.