Official bottega veneta chat thread - thread #4

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  1. i may be new to BV, but its the traditional styles that i love...not these hideous new bags :sad:
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  2. Ridiculous! Who would buy these bags?!
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  3. Gigantic aliens, perhaps?
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  4. They may very well be the only ones who do!
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  5. Bottega Veneta is on Zappos. Dear God.
  6. Remember when Overstock had Bottega bags?
  7. BV has sold items on Zappos for several years. It’s been mostly shoes and some bags and shades.

    and Bluefly. Some BVettes scored deals on BV purchases from. TJ Maxx and Marshalls
  8. Yes, I do.

    I guess I'm out of the loop on Zappos, I never thought to look for BV stuff there.
  9. DH and I were shopping earlier and stopped by the BV at Crystals. He was very surprised at what we saw... only 3 items had the weave... 2 large Pouches and a medium Cabat. The Pouches had the big weave, and one of them was loose and already had a crease. It did not look as well made as the smaller weave.

    If not for those 3 pieces (the Cabat I almost missed, it was underneath a display), I would have never thought it was a BV store.
  10. Sad.
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  11. Just a few photos from Selfridges London

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  12. I visited a boutique and got to handle the cassette bag. It’s more interesting than I thought. A bit smaller than the nodini but larger than say the disco. I also saw a woman on the street wearing a black one and it looked quite chic on her (and she was probably mid 50s).

    the puffy cassette is bigger and the Nappa while not distressed has done scratches on it so my concerns about scratches are unfounded.

    I also looked at the bucket bag (camel smooth) and it was nice. Very simple.
  13. I love my bucket bag. I wish I had somewhere close to see these bags IRL.
  14. Be careful what you wish may be a slippery slope looking at them online, but irl it’s stepping into quicksand. :yes::yes::yes: When Valley Fair began their never-ending construction, it saved me money, as I couldn’t deal with the parking situation, stopped going there and only purchased bags via phone calls with my SA and lots of photo heavy texts.
  15. Seriously, BV???

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