Official bottega veneta chat thread - thread #4

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  1. Ok. Never let it be said that I’m not somewhat compassionate....And, just perhaps, somewhat crazy! :lol:
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  2. You are crackng me up! And my husband!
  3. Hahahahaha Diane, your wit is amazing! You made my morning.
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  4. :lol::lol::lol:
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  5. What does it say about my Sunday that I spent it stalking a squirrel?! (And the squirrel won!) I really need to raise my standards.....
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  6. Seems perfectly reasonable to me...I cleaned toilets.
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  7. It is supposed to be a day of rest, lol.
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  8. Well, I actually don't mind stalking a squirrel but we hardly see them, unless we trample off to the gardens and still, they remain evasive. Monkeys yes, but squirrels aplenty? Tough. I think your Sunday is pretty exciting, compared to mine.
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  9. I think I would rather chase squirrels. We had so many in the back yard last year eating our bird seed that a neighbor asked if we were raising them.
  10. OMG, this is ADORABLE!! :loveeyes:
    and what a fat and big squirrel!! :hbeat:
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  11. and we have a new hive in our garden :smile:

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  12. If you don’t mind my asking, where are you that you see monkeys. That is fascinatng to me.
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  13. Nickel LOVES chasing squirrels! He will take minimum wage and you know how to contact his agent
  14. I'm in Singapore but the monkeys are not in the neighbourhood. Plenty of them in our nature reserves/parks but sadly, due to people feeding them so much (despite signages), they had become aggressive; clawing at backpacks/bags and sitting on top of cars waiting to be fed. We see grass snakes, squirrels and otters from time to time too.
  15. Aha. I bet they can be aggressive. Where I grew up we had bears in the mountains and the same thing happened with the feeding. So they started raiding camp sites, etc.
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