Official bottega veneta chat thread - thread #4

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  1. I started at Coach, then discovered Bal, and now I'm a big BV and Bal fan. In the Coach thread, sometimes people refer to it as a gateway brand, but most seem to move on to LV. Since I was into Coach for the leather, it makes sense that I would be attracted to Bal and BV.
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  2. It changes over time. I don't feel like I have too many dishes. When my kids were living at home, I ran the dishwasher every night. After they moved out, we didn't have enough dirty dishes to do that, so I wait until the dishwasher is full or we run out of something. Since we go out for lunch often, we tend to run out of something like teaspoons or cereal bowls before anything else. It seems ironic that with less people in the family, we needed more cereal bowls. I also bought more glass plates for microwaving leftovers. I just bought more steak knives too.

    About a month ago, I cleaned out the linen closet and donated tons. I made so much room that I had two empty shelves that I'm now using for my boots. I love it. They are at eye level. Since the shelves are deep, I put one boot of a pair at the back and the other in front. I can see all my boots at once.

    I still have lots of things I need to tackle. When my father died, I took a lot of his things. At the time, it seemed wrong to donate everything. I need to figure out what I should do with them.
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  3. BV and Bal have always been known for their leathers, and very high craftsmanship, imho LV is heavily missing on both points, their canvas is stiff, plastic-y and designs are mostly structured and rigid, total opposite of BV/Bal vibe. If you LOVE good leather no wonder you ended up here :hugs:
    p.s. let alone the choice of colours both brands offered vs boring LV!
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  4. OMG, I love the colors!
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  5. one more vote for the need to update the colours thread :yes:
  6. BV lovers! Perhaps a silly question. So after giving both medium and large Venetas I realized that those styles are not for me - it all boils down to the strap drop that in my mind does not look good on my frame. However, I continue being enchanted by the classic shape of the bag and recently realized there was a mini version of it! In your opinion - is it a good date/event little bag, or is it more of a cute novelty and/or more of a young woman/girl bag? I tracked one down in Ebano and wondering if I should pull a trigger or would that be a totally regrettable purchase .
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  7. Check out this thread from a few weeks ago on the Mini Veneta
  8. Love mine, totally works as an evening bag, holds an iPhone 8 (thats the largest I have to experiment with) with enough room for all my other stuff that I'd take for an evening out. Keep in mind I'm very petite, it may look a tad smaller on you if you're more average-sized. fullsizeoutput_3cc.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3cd.jpeg
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  9. It's wintering out...nothing compared to various parts of Canada/US but always a source of excitement in Vancouver! (Unless you're driving...)
  10. How beautiful. Living in Arkansas, we are lucky to get one snow a year and it is usually an inch or two. Every once in a while we get 6-8 inches and the people go crazy, lol.
  11. I’d love to look out my window and see that!
  12. We've had a relatively snow-free winter until now, more forecast for the next couple of days. This is dry snow, not the usual wet, cement-type snow we get here so it's a treat. Its been colder than usual the last week or so for Vancouver, hitting the minus teens Celsius with wind chill. My poodle seems to love it! (It's my neighbour's yard, he always has lights up so it looks really pretty with the snow...)

  13. That’s lovely! Makes me want to have a hot chocolate, snuggle a blanket and read a book.

    We’ve had a really warm winter, or rather, no winter. I was at the beach last week....didn’t swim but just got my feet wet. It was nice.
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  14. It's now about 9 pm and absolutely puking snow :lol:...
  15. Meanwhile, 2hrs north up the highway.... no snow. None for days. Sunny blue skies today and lots and lots of stars out tonight. But cold. Soooo cccccold :lol:
    My boyfriend and I went to the Hometown Hockey festivities that were held here this weekend and we went to the parade and stuff at 3pm before the Leafs/Rangers game and :faint: I couldn't feel my feet after about 30mins. It was about -14 but the wind was nastay. It's been so cold for over a week now. I can't believe people were skiing today. Bunch of damn fools :lol:
    Stay warm doll :smile:
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