Official bottega veneta chat thread - thread #4

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  1. This is mostly due to people using sites like photobucket to upload pictures. If something gets deleted from their photobucket account, or like what happened more recently with the change to their TOS (and tried to get people to pay $300/yr to have their images hosted) all their images are removed, so then all you see here is a broken link or something similar. So when images are hotlinked they can be lost. It’s a similar dilemma when a link to (let’s say) an item on the BV website is posted. It’s great while the image is still there, but once it’s gone from the site, it’s gone from here too. The photo, accompanying text etc can’t be seen once the season is over.
    It would be awesome if everyone uploaded photos directly from their computer and/or took a screen cap or something from the website and posted it along with the link they are referring to.
    Is that kinda what you meant? :flowers:
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  2. Yes, that is exactly was I referring to! Thank for explaining it VON! Makes sense now to me. So PF cant do anything about it. Boo. :doh:
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  3. I remember a lot of photos were lost awhile back when the website was updated. Apparently there was no way to get them back.
  4. What a shame! I think valuable information and history was lost about so many bags!
  5. I agree.
  6. i agree with V0N, and would only suggest to, perhaps, use already existing threads e.g. 'how many Cervo Hobos/Pillows/Venetas, etc, do we have?' as a base for the style ref thread where a lot of pics already available
    Too much of the hassle? :confused1:
  7. Dolali - Many people put in their photos as a link to a website like photobucket or dropbox in stead of actually attaching the photo to a post. When their image databases get deleted, the images go away. Yes, it is quite frustrating. Please always attach the photo, do not link if at all possible. Yes it is a little more work, but totally worth it.
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  8. Whoops, i answered this later. Thank you for more detail.
  9. @V0N1B2 , I've made some changes that were suggested by you and others. I think it seems more logical now. But I have a follow-up question regarding Seasonal threads. Yes, it makes sense to stickie them. But we need some sort of timeline. We often start those months before the season officially arrives in retail. This means overlap. Currently we have these seasons: Resort, Spring/Summer, Early Fall, and Fall. We've had a Fall 2019 for months. Which thread gets stickied? All opinions welcomed. I like to have input so this place is more enjoyable...thanks
  10. That is an interesting question to ponder, @ksuromax . We have style threads in the reference library, but these are no chatting threads, so you can quickly flip through them. It is great to have the Ode to the Roma, How many pillows do you have, etc, There we can ask questions, make suggestions, occasionally go off topic. It seems more organic to me. It wouldn't be a hassle to merge those, but I kind of like having both. Lets all talk about this.
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  11. Chatty tonight, clearly this is what my 5th post in a row?... Today I've embarked on the year of downsizing. I've lost about 40 pounds and I'm never going back. My knees already feel better. Donating all the clothes to Goodwill, and a womans shelter. There comes a time when you feel like your possessions own you. Have any of you gotten to this point? How many sets of dishes does one need? Not necessarity talking bags. :graucho:
  12. Good for you. You have taken control. Congratulations. And we knew you were not includng bags, of course!
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  13. Here comes post #6, hehe.
    So, I really like this forum. I've been at the PF for a pretty long time. Like a lot of you, I didn't start out in BV. My love back then was Bal. Goatskin was it for me, love that stuff. But I made my way here, because as an ex-weaver, I was attracted by the intrecciato and superb handcrafting. And I like getting to know members. You know, if you have an issue with me, want to make a suggestion or need help, you can always PM me.
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  14. big fan of Bal here as well! :ghi5:
    although i started with BV and then discovered Bal.
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  15. Okay... regarding seasonal threads:
    Under normal circumstances, we would have the Spring/Summer 2019 thread in the main forum since those items are now in stores. In January, the Pre-Fall 2019 collection dropped, so the Spring/Summer thread could go to the Reference Library - but still stickied, because those items are the ones that are in stores now. We can still discuss new styles, colours etc. that we are seeing both online and in boutiques. In two weeks, the Fall/Winter collection will be showing. Personally, I think that Early Fall and Fall/Winter are two separate collections but in an effort to KonMari this place :lol: we could amalgamate them when the Fall/Winter show happens. Then it could be stickied in the main forum.
    I dunno, just thinking out loud :smile: