Official bottega veneta chat thread - thread #4

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  2. Welcome back!
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  3. Happy celebrations!!

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  4. Happy Chinese New Year to all celebrants!
  5. Mulan is a trained therapy dog at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View CA. She is a 10 year old Portuguese Water Dog. IMG_0405.JPG
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  6. Awww... :heart:
  7. I like her name
  8. Brillo (aka Mr. I. R. Handsome) says hi! fullsizeoutput_402.jpeg
  9. Nickel: May your Year of the Pig be filled with lots of yummy treats! IMG_1157.jpeg
  10. Being a dog lover, I really enjoy seeing our furry companions.

    Wanted to ask your opinion about something. We have a lot of great older threads that just sort of die down after a while then years go by and boom, we are talking about it again, Case in point, purse organizers. A lot of these older threads can provide some history to our newer members, and get that chance to be updated with the answers to todays questions.

    After having said all that, I would like to dig out an old thread and sticky it for a week. Each week the thread would change and the previous one would be unstickied and readily available for posts. I also want to invite members to suggest a thread, by PMing me with the link to that thread. Think this would be fun? What say you?
  11. Sounds great!!!
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  12. And in the same vein of my last post. Is there something you want me to do with our forum that would make it more enjoyable? I don't have all the evil powers at my fingertips, but I can do whatever is in my power to moderate.
  13. Well, since you asked....
    I’d really like to see the Unique Treatments thread as a sticky - perhaps in the Reference Library? Speaking of... there are some stickied threads there now that don’t need to be there anymore. Case in point: the one about the comparisons between Milano, Ball Bags, and Pyramids etc. BV hadn’t made those bags in almost ten years. Those can be absorbed into the “style” Reference Library. Same for the comparison threads. All useful and handy fir quick reference in the RF, but maybe not necessarily something that need to be a sticky. I think the only stickies that need to be in the RF are maybe Colour Reference (which needs updating), the Leather Guide (which is a great place to showcase all the skins used), the Unique Weaving & Treatment thread, and the current Seasonal thread.
    JMO :flowers:

    In addition to these suggestions, I have really wanted to start a thread for each of the popular bag styles offered by BV. For example:
    “The Bottega Veneta Nodini Messenger Bag” aka The “Pillow”. Kind of a catch-all for all things Nodini. A place for people to post their bags, their experiences with the bag, what colours and treatments are available seasonally etc. A place where we can direct people to check out how to shorten the strap, or what can fit in the bag etc. it can take a lot of time and energy to answer (easily searchable) questions when people ask the same things over and over again. The RL is great to look at pictures but it is a no talking sanctuary. In these new threads, people can chat freely about that particular bag.
    One thread for the Veneta, the Roma, the Cervo Hobo, the Cervo Loop, the Olimpia, the Knot, City Knot, the Loop, whatever new bags are coming out.... you get the idea.
    What are everyone’s thoughts on this?
  14. This is a great idea! Especially for someone like me who is new to BV, it is confusing to try to find out what you want to know about specific styles. I wish they would do this in other brands too, at least those brands who make or made certain styles over a long period of time. It wouldn't work in Coach because they don't keep styles around.
  15. Thank you for your work on this forum jburgh:heart:

    I m not sure if this is along the lines you are asking, but I have wanted to post about it for while but did not know where. So here it goes:smile:

    When trying to buy preowned, it is incredibly helpful for me to find pictures of older styles/colors and so frustrating when the pictures have been deleted from the post. So who deletes the pictures? Can all pictures be preserved?