Official bottega veneta chat thread - thread #4

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  1. Hello chat #4! Thanks for taking such good care of this forum J!
  2. I made some rather tasty guacamole today and have eaten most of it with some chips. I'm full but thinking a lemon bar will wash it away... I love lazy Sundays!
  3. Going to Chicago again this week. Thanks for all you do for the forum Jburgh.

    Now I want lemon bars :smile:
  4. I got such a nice Fed Ex surprise this morning
    I got a box
    with samples of all the BV fragrances and body lotions including the knot
    it was packaged so beautifully
    I am in trouble now
    I love the Knot :heart:
    Joyce is the best! I love her and miss her :hugs::smooch:
  5. What a lovely way to start the week SS! Enjoy.
  6. the knot bottle is beautiful
    have to save up my pennies to buy a bottle
  7. Where is Ms. Ink? (indiaink). Seems like I haven't seen her pop up here for quite some time and she's usually pretty chatty.

    Mousse: I have a pair of purple cowboy boots too, so we'll have to do a walk-off/showdown :lol: when you get yours. I have no BV to match though so I may have to concede early. Can't wait to see yours.

    Also to echo everyone else... thanks jburgh. This really is the best subforum on TPF and part of that reason is you.
  9. Did you guys get notification of a price increase at BV? Apparently up to 25% higher.
  10. Yeah, there's a thread in the shopping section.
    Most of the increases are under 5% except for the Cabat :sad:
  11. Our India is taking a break from tPF. We wrote this week and she is well and busy. And I'm sure Zoey is keeping her quite happy!
  12. I'm not up on the latest shopping, but I just ran across these photos of the new Tomas Maier shop on Madison Ave and thought I'd post them. Has anyone seen any of "his" bags irl?

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  13. Thanks grietje.
    I don't post here a lot because I just don't have tons of time but I do notice if someone hasn't been around for a while.
  14. He has had a store in Palm Beach on Worth Ave for years

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