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  1. 35K???? Ouch!!!

    Check out Zen Cake Balls !!! I was watching the Cooking Channel and they featured these 2 girls and they were making Red Velvet Cupcake Balls. Yummy!!! They live in the DFW area.
  2. Sort of a sad story. As you all know, Tucker has a brain tumor and just finished chemo two weeks ago. What you don't know about him is that he is a rescue dog with some serious emotional baggage. We are his 6th home, and we got him when he was 3...he is now almost 8. He is a joy around people, but can have a hair trigger around other dogs. He is the type that gets defensive and will not back down. We have tried to rehabilitate him to no avail. So yesterday when I brought Tilly home, she and Albert had a love fest. But Tucker was wary of her. It was very stressy for him, too. It all came down to my feeling that I could not trust him. If he hurt her, I could not live with that. After having a panic-meltdown over it, this morning, I returned her. The breeder understands completely. Love her, though. And when Tucker passes, she will join our family.

  3. Oh gosh, I'm so sorry things didn't work out but I know you want to give Tucker all the love you can while you have him instead of reprimanding him all the time. Hugs from me and my furry ones.
  4. {{{hugs}}} to you, jburgh, and give Tucker gentle kisses for me.:heart:

  5. Oooooo those look good. I may have to order some of those to try. I just finished a glass of champagne and have 2 chocolate molten cakes in the oven with some chocolate and raspberry gelato waiting patiently. I however am not so patient. :p. Only 8 minutes to chocolate bliss!
  6. Hugs to Tucker (and Jburgh) from here too. As hard as I'm sure it was I know you did the right thing for Tucker...
  7. BL - I need some chocolate, too.

    Jburgh - you made the right decision, although it must not have been pleasant. Give Tucker hugs.
  8. I am hooked on Red Velvet cupcakes since my trip to NYC...might try making some...I wonder if the icing will ever get to the cupcakes?????
  9. Genius! Love the thought of red velvet cupcake balls. Has anyone actually tried them? I'm also loving the Berry Yummy, Cookie Dough Whoa, Choco-choco-choco late... heck, I'll have one of each.

    kroquet or Grandmommie - since you guys are the nearest, one of you should take one for the team and try a few of those cakeballs. We can then just live vicariously through you :graucho:
  10. Red Velvet cake balls for everyone!

    You can mail order them... :graucho:
  11. I made a new sticky in Shopping. It is a retail price reference. Hermes has one and it is valuable. It can help us track price increases, and reference older bag pricing.
  12. aww I am so sorry about tucker and having to give the other pup back
    I know you are doing ALL you can for tucker
    I will keep him in my prayers

  13. trick or treat everyone
    wicky is out trick or treating for biscuits
    I can't buy her anymore biscuits
    I have BV to buy LOL
    she doesn't really like the kids in their costumes she is growling at them
    I so wanted her to be a therapy dog and go through training
    but she is a barker and they won't accept her.
  14. TDL- I am ordering some Red Velvet Cake Balls...I will report back to all of you, if they are as good as the cupcakes I got in NYC...

    Happy Halloween everyone....
  15. Oh, I want to order some of the red velvet and the vanilla.

    Let me know how they are!!

    Jack was just barking and yapping !!!
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