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  1. I use mine to carry my work ID.
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    Just got back from a visit to Chicago and it was delightful! I spent too much money and wished I had more!!

    We visited BV Chicago twice and had a blast. A lovely SA, Sarah, helped us and showed us EVERYTHING in the whole store! We looked in every drawer and nook and cranny. I came home with some desert boots, sunglasses, a men's wallet for Ricky and a big hankering for a beautiful necklace!

    I love, love, love this bag -- it is so beautiful in blue!


    I didn't buy any bags this trip but ended up with seven pairs of shoes (only one from BV!). I am not really sure how that happened......
  3. That bag is gorgeous...but we need pictures of what you did buy!
  4. I saw and caressed this bag last week in Scottsdale. I was gorg beyond belief. I used to wear a lot of blue and am getting back into that color palette influenced by some recent beading adventures with some lovely lapis briolettes. :girlsigh:
  5. What skin is the blue bag? It's amazing!
  6. Love the color
    you have excellent taste!

  7. Karung!

  8. Did you get the MAROON BV desert boots? :graucho:
  9. are we children of a lesser god??? we don't get to see the desrt boots, sunglasses and the wallet for ricky???
    Better yet I want to see a pic of the planner man's face when he sees what you bought LOL :lolots::biggrin:

  10. Sbelle, that bag is really pretty...Your trip to Chicago sounds like a lot of fun.

    My darling Granddaughter has arrived..she is a week old today and has already made her debut with the photographer..Newborn pictures have really changed since my children were now are just precious

    My DD gets married two weeks from tomorrow...I think we are ready, but BOY do I need a VACATION and some serious SHOPPING..LOL...It has been a fun and busy 8 months, but most especially filled with blessings...a new baby and a new Son in Law...
  11. I didn't think I coud get my head around the maroon , so I got the lighter color-- I think it's pewter.

    Mr Finanicial Planner Man may take my AMX away if he sees my next month's bill. I have a couple yummies in the works.;)

    I promise I'll take some pics of my Chicago loot next week!

  12. Have you picked out what bag you're carrying to the wedding? :graucho:
  13. Congrats! Your granddaugther is gorgeous!!! How exciting, new babies are the best, next best are weddings! Such an exciting month! Enjoy, you deserve it!

    Sbelle, we need pictures! Stealth or otherwise, we need pictures!
    I'm shocked the Blue Karung bag didn't leave with you, good resistance, it's gorgeous!. Time to stick some pins in FP man. :p
  14. Congratulations on the arrival of your granddaughter!!!

  15. Yes, I have the Oro Metal Knot sitting here waiting for me to make a decision..I need to decided..the clock is ticking!!!!
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