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  1. Just had to comment - Emma Stone is an absolute vision in that BV gown! Stunning!
  2. it is hard to get used to. at least it is breezy here.

    i agree. she always looks great - even in regular clothes.
  3. A few days ago I returned from a vacation in Italy. Overall it was a pleasant stay. Luckily, we travelled by car as plenty of shopping opportunities presented themselves and I went a little overboard with bag purchases.:cool:

    They're not BVs but I couldn't resist those Trussardi bags at more than 70% off retail price. The two cloth-made traveling-bags (one smaller, one a little bit bigger) fit together so nicely. The leathery carry-all was supposed to be reduced even more. Considering the craftmanship that must have went into the construction of the bag the 250€-pricetag felt like a real steal.:biggrin:

    To make up for it I spent some money at an outlet nearby. I will give you some hints for the time being.:graucho:
    P1030646_opt.jpg P1030642_opt.jpg P1030654_opt.jpg P1030658_opt.jpg P1030652_opt.jpg
  4. oooohhh, fun!
  5. As hinted I've been to a BV outlet and got the following:
    Grigio Assenzio Cotton Jersey Mesh Cardigan
    Empire Grigio Cotton Shirt
    Milk Light Cotton Pant
    Milk Light Cotton Jacket

    Spring-summer 2011 has been one of my favourite BV collections. Unfortunately, back then RTW was not available in the BV boutique I've been to. So I was extremely happy to find at least some pieces from that collection that were in my size(s), too. And 60% off retail make the price level of the clothes somewhat more manageable.:yahoo:
    P1030651_opt.jpg P1030656_opt.jpg P1030659_opt.jpg P1030653_opt.jpg
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    Agreed ! :yes:
    Love s/s 2011 colors. And- wow - the lightness of the materials in your cardigan & shirt must be amazing! Congratulations & thank you for sharing
  7. Truly! Emma Stone has been rocking a lot of BV lately. She is on the latest cover of Vogue & I think she's wearing BV (either on the cover, or at least, somewhere in the photo spread ... i tossed the mag already or would look it up).

    Interesting interconnection: I just saw my first movie w/ Emma Stone in it -- Crazy, Stupid, Love -- and eye-spied her co-star in it, Julianna Moore, carrying a beautiful Sloane.
  8. I remember that! I had just gotten my Sloane (still my only BV bag), so I noticed it immediately!
  9. oh, i've been seeing this on the on-screen guide but have avoided seeing it because of the terrible blurb describing the film - something about a guy and his womanizing ways so i thought it was one of those teenage hormonal movies. i will check it out now.
  10. Off topic...just heard that Nora Ephron passed away. She was responsible for many, many of my favorite films. RIP.
  11. Yes, indeed. They feel very light compared to average shirts etc.

    OK, I just used a balance to measure the weight:
    - shirt 92 g (3.2 oz)
    - cardigan 222 g (7.8 oz) (the metal zippers add a lot to the weight)
  12. I'm sorry to hear about her passing. I did love so many of her movies as well.
    it is a medication for heartworm
    it causes it causes twitches, lethgary,tremors no appetite and basically the dog looks like it is on an acid trip

    I have not been able to verify this with snopes yet
    but someone reliable passed it on to me
    their dog is very very sick
  14. OMG! Thank you for the info. Very much appreciated!!!!!!!
  15. Here is my $0.02...

    Trifexis is a heartworm medication that combines a chemical named spinosad with the active ingredient in Interceptor (milbemycin oxime).

    This is different than Heartguard which is a combo of ivermectin & pyrantel.

    When interceptor came out there were the same concerns and reports. I know that my Betsy (the first Corgi) could not tolerate Heartguard, but could take Interceptor, which worked just fine for us.

    When Trifectis (and Comfortis) came out, it was interesting for me to see that spinosad was a component. Spinosad has been used in the gardening industry for the last 15 years as an insecticide and works quite well. It was isolated from a bacteria and touted as natural. In fact it is considered organic and I believe it can be used on organic foods.

    Without getting more geeky, it revs up the bugs nervous system and essentially excites it to death. Even though is has low toxicity to mammals (it is sprayed on grain in grain storage silos), it has been shown to be toxic to honeybees.

    There are lots of anecdotal reports of Trifexis, this cannot be denied. However, is it the spinosad, or the milbemycin oxime? I would talk to your vet if you are concerned.
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