Official Bottega Veneta Chat Thread - Thread #3

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  1. [​IMG]

    Happy Birthday, LT!!
  2. hope you have a great birthday, LT
  3. Happy Birthday, LT! October babies rock!
  4. :queen::queen::queen:
    Happy birthday LT, hope you're queen for the weekend.
  5. [​IMG]

    Happy Birthday, LT!!

    I stole this from mid it was so cute but there are just as many warm feelings behind the sentiment!
  6. Thank you everyone!!! All the Birthday wishes mean so much to me!:tender:
    I want to share my Red Velvet Cupcake with all of my Girlfriends!:ghi5:

  7. Yummy!!! My all time personal favorite. Did it come from the Plaza Hotel????
  8. Happy Birthday Sweetness :partyhat: God that cupcake looks so yummy!!!
  9. Yummy and I hope you enjoyed every bit!!!!
  10. Happy birthday LT!!! Any BV goodies under the birthday tree?!?
  11. Just got back from Taipei and LT, in honor of your birthday, I'm sending you a virtual Cabat. Ha ha! :p

    I would usually take spy pics but this was the only one I got after checking out the 5 BV boutiques there. Not to say there was nothing shot-worthy but let's just say I was distracted. I don't know about all of you but I will never tire drooling at the Brass Iron Lizard Cabat. The one is the photo is a Large & it costs roughly US$35K. (an additional 5% tax refund is claimable at the airport)

  12. ^i'll take two! One for me and one for Ethel of course.
  13. whoah!!! 35K? :wtf:
  14. Happy Birthday LT- hope the cupcake was delicious and that you have a great weekend
  15. Hey jburgh, how is Mathilda doing with Tucker and Albert today???? :wondering
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.