Official Bottega Veneta Chat Thread - Thread #3

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  1. SS - Love the Wickydog!!!

    Lucy and SS - tell them that the Yankees as so last year!

    BL - no problem, Texas will do better tonight. lol
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    Yes!, Go Texas Rangers!!!!!!! Sure hoping tonight is a better outcome for us Texans! :yes:

    Btw, I was born in Texas as well. Proud Texan!

    I'm enjoying looking at the players as well. :lol:
  3. There may be...where are you? I can ask my SA if there is any buzz about the opening.
  4. Happy Birthday, LT !!!!! Hope you have a GREAT day and may all your BV dreams come ya!
  5. :party::dothewave::party:

    Happy Birthday LT!!!!!! BV wishes and caviar dreams!! hehehehe
  6. Happy, happy, birthday LT!!!!! I hope you got your knot as one of your many birthday presies!
  7. Happy Birthday, LT!!!! :partyhat::party::flowers: What's on the agenda?
  8. LT, have a Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!
  9. Happy Birthday, LT! Hope you have a wonderful day :flowers:
  10. Happy birthday, LT! Hope you have a fabulous day! :drinkup::drinks::party::partyhat:
  11. LT, I want to join in the Happy Birthday wishes too.
  12. It's been LT's birthday all month! Happy Birthday!
  13. Sorry! I forgot to mention it's in Sydney, Australia. I saw walls boarded up yesterday with Bottega pictures all over it. It's located in the new Sydney Westfield which opened yesterday. There are lots of shops still to open.

    Thanks jburgh!
  14. Happy Birthday LT!!! What a beautiful day of weather for you too!!
  15. have a Wonderful Birthday, LT! :balloon:
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