Official Bottega Veneta Chat Thread - Thread #3

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  1. Yippee!!! I get to start!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!! Sorry Bichon.
  2. Kroquet , I am cheering for our Rangers too. Love being a TEXAN!!!
  3. I know, me too! Are you native? I love the fact that my GS is 7th generation.

    That SF pitcher is cute, but he needs a haircut. LOL, spoken like a Mom
  4. Yes, I am a native Texan and love it. My little GS is 7th generation Texan too. There are some cute players. I love baseball.
  5. Love baseball players! A little secrt, but I was a batgirl in HS. LOL!!!!!

    Rangers are not doing so hot tonight. Nolan Ryan looked like a grumpy old man and my DH said it was probably past his bedtime. His wife sure looks gorgeous.
  6. I bet BL is celebrating with a glass of wine!!!! I thought the same thing, kroquet, about Nolan Ryan's wife. Very Pretty! Loved her sunglasses. I bet she is carrying a BV!
  7. ^^OK you two...another Giants fan here. But still with all my BV girls...
  8. LOL!!!! Well, you gotta love SF and Tony Bennett!!!

    I have to just say that Buster Posey belongs in Texas, though. Jeez, with a name like that???? Might as well be Bubba Posey. :lol::lol:
  9. You talkin' to me??? :graucho: He he he

    What a nice error that was there. ;)
  10. Ahhhhhh, too bad you Texan beauties. :biggrin:
  11. Well girls, there's always tomorrow night. :smile:
  12. Hi guys. I didn't want to start a new thread and thought I would ask my question here.

    Bottega is going to open their first store here soon. Will there be a special item for the store opening like what Hermes does?

  13. mr yummy is still crying in his beer about the yankees
    he is sooooooooooooo blue LOL
  14. ^ Ricky too
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Not open for further replies.