Official Bespoke: Pewter Hold Me

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  1. Hi All,

    Tejasmama started a thread to find out if there was an interest for a gorgeous Hold me in Pewter and so far we have 4 definites and many others interested.

    We would like to complete this by Friday 7/10 so that we all can get free matching angel purses!! woo hoo

    Please sign up below so that we can make this bespoke a go. We only need four more :nuts:

    1. TejasMama--Pewter Hold Me, Purple Lining, Matching Pewter AP
    2. BonnieKir--Pewter Hold me, Purple lining, considering Pewter AP w/ purple lining
    3. Lenabean-- Purple lining, gold hardware, matching AP with purple lining
    4. Lilac0485 - Pewter Hold Me, Leather Wrapped Handles, Purple Lining, Matching AP (no lining preference)
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  3. Question - how much is shipping to the US?
  4. Hello lanasyogamama!
    I think shipping would be free for a group bespoke... plus you'd get a free Angel Purse (a small clutch) if the bespoke went ahead before July 10th if i am not mistaken...
    I own this very bag and it is perfect for busy moms like you... Plus the price point makes it really affordable and a no-worry bag... I posted some modeling pics in the other thread started by Tejas Mama... I would recommend pewter crash even if you are not a metallic-leather lover (like me)... Feel free to PM if you need additional info!
  5. ^^free shipping on group bespoke and full price items!!

    EDIT: maria beat me to it
  6. Free shipping.... ohhh.... you ladies are killing me! I'm going to talk to my DH.

    Maria, it's your modeling pics that have me OBSESSING!

    When would the deposit be due, and how much is that generally. I'm headed out of the country on the 15th of the month. To London! Maybe I could visit the leather? ;)
  7. Deposits would need to be in by July 10 for the free AP and are always $180.

    This is going to be a killer bag if the bespoke goes through!
  8. Free shipping and a free AP worth around 140 pounds:graucho:... the perfect casual clutch for nights out...

    How exciting that you are going to London! Please, report back on the new mini-Paraty on the Chloe subforum!!!
  9. More summery modeling pics... (bag was brand new then)



  10. This is what the bag will turn into after using her for 6+ weeks

  11. Very roomy and nice magnetic closure

    (I strongly recommend leather handles... i baby my bags but the fucsia lining got dirty quite early)



  12. I just recieved a pre loved Hold me ..and it's beautiful!!

    I think I would like a Maxi version!!!...and also the AP to go with!
  13. Girls, I'm not too likely at this point. I wish this were happening toward Christmas instead. :crybaby::crybaby:
  14. any more interest?
  15. No rush! Lets do it for Christmas! :winkiss: