Official BECKHAM thread

  1. ^ id have to agree. talk about choosing a "model" w/ a totally unattainable and unhealthy body
  2. As if we don't already see enough of her physique when she's wearing clothes?? Tho come to think of it the underwear might cover her up a bit more.....
  3. I think she will look hot!
  4. I have to agree that she is not, in my opinion, the best person to model underwear! (she doesn't seem wear it herself most of the time for a start!).

    I think it is her "celeb status" that made her the first choice for this campaign, not her suitability.
  5. her boobs are too horrible to model the underwear
  6. She will FINALLY wear a bra? I like her and her overall look but her boobs are really gross.
  7. thanks swanky
  8. Has no-one any Christmas photo's of the Beckhams?:confused1:
  9. He's playing football in Glasgow on the 4th of Feb with AC Milan!!:heart:
  10. thanks!
  11. :o David Beckham is going to be in Glasgow??! Ooohh guess who will be going to the city!!
  12. oddly there's a lot less celeb photos all around it seems.
  13. I'm still not feelin' her hairdo. :girlsigh:
  14. woo! new thread!

    i think they're all in hiding...