Official BECKHAM thread

  1. I agree. :biggrin:
  2. I like that whole outfit. VB also has a tendency to wear a lot of black.
  3. ^Yup. I think they are. VB is also friends with Ken Paves (is that his name?!)
  4. He follows celebs around :p It was Jess, then Eva, now VB, etc. . .
  5. ^Is he an hairdresser?
  6. or a " hairdresser " lol! I don't know if he is anymore.
  7. From Twitter
  8. soo adorable
  9. Pardon my grammar error :shame:
  10. Love this pic of her.
  11. Awww
  12. Love the twitter picture...that's so cute!!
  13. Oh I wasn't correcting you! I was being dramatic and using big finger air quote when saying it, like he's not really one. KWIM?
  14. Awww i remember doing that, good memories!