Official Balenciaga Spring RAOK Gathering Place and Reveal Thread

  1. Hello everyone!!!!!

    It's time to kick off our Balenciaga Spring RAOK!!! Welcome to all of the fabulous ladies who are participating!!!!

    This is the place to post photos of your gifts and just a great place to chat with one another over the next 3 months!!!!!

    Mods: Can you please stickY!!!
  2. Yeah! My first RAOK, this is going to be fun!
  3. YAY!!! I am excited! :yahoo:
  4. I'm sorry to be such a dork - but what does: "RAOK" mean? ((hiding))
  5. :flowers:Random Act Of Kindness
  6. Can someone explain to me how this works? :flowers:
  7. Just to confirm, we are to send or deliver the gift before or on 31 May yeah?
  8. ^and is it one gift or three individual gift(s)?
  9. hmmm am wondering how does this work too... :confused1:
  10. I believe 3 :yes:
  11. Anybody care to explain how this works?
  12. You have to send 3 gifts total...1 per month! So one for March, one for April, and one for May!!!!!
  13. What kind of gifts? Do they have a max $$ amount? Also can anyone from any country play?
  14. Thanks for the explanation "N" :yes:
  15. 3 gifts to the same person? or to different tPFers?