Official Balenciaga Holiday Exchange Reveal Thread

  1. Hi everyone,

    I seems so early to be putting this thread up...but alas I have been getting PMs from people saying they have started shipping things out!!!

    So....if you are taking part in the Balenciaga Holiday Exchange...please feel free to chat here and this is where you will need to post up all of your pictures!!!

    As for me....well I have some ideas....but I need to do a little more thinking (and shopping!!!!)

    **Mods....Can you please sticky this thread**
  2. Well....I'm struggling with what to get my buddy.....I am going back and forth between a couple things...hopefully something will catch my eye today when I do my Cyber Monday shopping!
  3. I did a bit o' shopping today... ho ho ho! :happydance:
  4. Wooohooo Cyber Monday was great for me...I finally found the gift for my buddy!!!!
  5. I just wanted to say that my buddy sent me the coolest Cheshire Cat e-card for my birthday today! It really cheered me up - I woke up yesterday with the muscles in my neck and arm frozen in one place so my birthday was looking pretty grim.

    Thank you SO much, buddy! :nuts:
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHESHIRE!!!! That is so sweet of your buddy :smile:
  7. Happy Birthday Cheshire!!
  8. Wow, Happy Birthday Cheshire! How does one send an Ecard???
  9. Happy Birthday Cheshire !!! It's my mom's bday today too, and mine next Wednesday... we're all sagittarius' !!!
  10. Happy Birthday, Cheshire!
  11. Happy Birthday, Cheshire! Sorry to hear about your neck -- one of my friends has been dealing with that off and on for a while, so I know it can be pretty miserable.

    On the subject of presents, I have all my ideas. Waiting for one item to arrive and have to go get the other this weekend, then I'll be all set!
  12. Happy Birthday Chesire Cat! Hope you have an awesome one! :heart:
  13. Is it too late to participate?
  14. kirsten: Yes it is....we finished with signups about 10 days ago! We'll probably be doing another exchange sometime in the Spring though!
  15. BTW...I finally figured out something nice to get my buddy....just waiting for it to arrive in the mail before I send it out! I went a teeny tiny bit over budget too LOL