Official Balenciaga Fall RAOK Reveal Thread

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  1. YAY!!!! Let's get this RAOK off to a start!!!

    Please use this thread to post all of your gifts :smile: And often, this thread usually evolves into general RAOk chit-chat!!!

    I'm so excited :yahoo:
  2. I've already started shopping!
  3. hope u guys hv fun! :smile:
  4. I also started shopping :cutesy:
  5. I need to get going and ask my buddy some questions on Elfster!!!!
  6. I've already done some shopping too - I'm so excited this is my very first RAOK.
  7. Have lots of fun ladies :yahoo: can't wait to see your posts (gifts) ;):heart:
  8. Can I just check the dates we send the gifts and the suggested amounts for each one?
  9. Hi 'J': You will need to send out one gift by October 15th and a second by November 15th. The suggested guidelines are roughly $30 US - $150 US...but those are just guidelines :smile:
  10. Where do we get our buddies address from? I am soo excited, going to Bicester shopping for it on Saturday!
  11. Me too Rosie - fancy a coffe? lol. I'm off Friday afternoon so may go then as it will be a bit quieter and easier to park.
  12. I sent PMs on Saturday/Sunday with your buddy's mailing address!

    If you did not receive it, please let me know and I can re-PM it to you!
  13. I am SO excited, been shopping, too. This is fun!
  14. :whistle::whistle:
  15. I got a lovely e-card from my buddy a few days ago already! :yahoo:

    thank you!!