Office/work bag? Anyone have a pic wearing one?

  1. There is an Ink one on Ebay that I am admiring...just curious since I have never seen one in person if this would be a good size.
  2. i love my works! i will try and take some creative pix for you.
  3. can i post a pic of nicole richie wearing one? although must remember that she is teeny tiny.. =)
  4. Would that be 05' Turqouise? Would love to own one of those.
  5. That's the one you have right? Gosh I loooooveeee the 05 turquoise!! Stunning! BTW any news on your consignment store beauties? :graucho:
  6. hatikuh: they were supposed to come todayyyyyy but post is slowwwwww.....