Office Max Printer Deal w/ $30 Gas Card


Dec 30, 2007
Madison, WI
This is a little specialized - you sorta have to already be in the market for a printer - but it's an awesome deal if you need one.

First go to this website and click through using the free shipping link:

Then sign up for MaxPerks if you aren't already a member. I just made up a company name.

Next click on the "Free $30 gas card with select brother printers" button on the Office Max home page.

The best deal is one the first two - the MFC-240C and HL-2140 - but some of the other deals are good if you need more printing capacity.

I ordered the HL-2140 at 50% off and free shipping. I dug around a bit and found that it comes with a starter cartridge that is good for approx. 1,000 pages. After that use the tricks from this slate article to trick it into printing even more. For my very low-volume printing needs a laser is also preferable because the ink doesn't dry out like it tends to with inkjets. After that one runs out Staples stocks the high-volume cartridge for this model for approx $60 and that should last me for eons.

New printer = $30 after gas card bonus :smile: Anne = happy girl.

EDIT: One more note, the gas card is BP for the east coast and mid-west, ARCO for the west coast, and a $30 Office Max gift card for the middle of the country, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. The map is here: