Office Kitchen Sinks

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  1. This is all about cleanliness and respect for others. What do you think of coworkers who leave their dirty dishes 'soaking' in the sink for days?

    I'm concerned about hygiene and illnesses as well as the entire disgustingness of the filthy dishes, sink, and just having to see the crap.

    Any good ideas of giving them the 'wash the dish' message?
  2. i think the only options u have in this case is to have a supervisor make a rule against it, or just ignore them and chalk it up to a shared living space
  3. If it's still there at the end of the day, throw it out.
  4. Thats gross. I hate slobs.
  5. It's tough to just throw things out. You need some sort of official 'ruling'.

    What I did today was remind folks that it's the long weekend coming up and that if you have anything in the fridge, chuck it out. And don't leave dishes soaking all weekend. It's a subtle hint.

    TPTB at the office have been clued in to the stink in the main fridge and are trying to figure out a nice way to remind folks to be considerate of others and not stink up the place with your stuff. I suggested every Friday that at 3 pm, whatever isn't marked in the fridge as still usable is chucked. Seriously, the fridge needs hands to slap folks who abuse it.