Office Exercise

  1. I am trying to find some exercises I can do at work. I can shut my door, so that is helpful. So far, I am doing that chair-sit against the wall and push-ups on my filing cabinet. I could do crunches behind my desk, to avoid an awkward situation should anyone come in the door.

    Does anyone have any other ideas?
  2. Staircase and occasional washroom visits :biggrin:
  3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park farther away from the building, take a short, brisk walk over your lunch hour. While sitting in your chair, squeeze your booty, or contract and tighten your abs :biggrin:
  4. I think they pay you to work, not to exercise... Very disrespectful to your employer imo.
  5. hahah, that is so funny. i don't have an office, lucky you! i only have a cubicle surrounded by lots of other cubes. but i agree, the staircase is a good one. go up and down 10 flights. should be great for burning calories and getting your heart rate up.
  6. well maybe she is the boss. and to that i say, it's nice to be king.
  7. ^^^I just find it funny, she's planing a work out routine in her office, but all secretive. If it's going to be awkward or cause problems, it's best to do your work out during your free time. I just feel it's disrespctful to her employer. I don't think it's any different that goofing off on the phone or online while at work.
  8. By awkward, I think she means that she doesn't want someone walking into her office while she's in the midst of a squat in skirt suit :P Not that you could do that, but anyway...

    There are small things you can do while in your office and work environment. Many magazines have had articles about this. I don't think there is anything wrong with squeezing your butt or contracting your abs while sitting in your office chair. Or even chest presses against a filing cabinet. It's not bothering anyone.
  9. Seems like you are assuming that she will be doing this on company time rather than during lunch or a break.

    Actually most employers encourage exercise since it can lower their insurance costs.......
  10. the company i work for gives a huge discount for joining gyms for the year.

    i'm a member of NYSC for $270 a year! that's a deal.
  11. I didn't assume anything. Most people leave during lunch breaks. If she's in her office, it is probably not a break. She said she closes her door and does it in her office. Maybe you should reread her post, you seem to have difficulty grasping what she said. I just feel if she has to be so secretive about it, her company does not allow it. Maybe you're assuming her company does? :idea: I think some ab and thigh exercising in a chair ok, but when you're basically doing a workout out around your whole office I think you're goofing off. If you have a lunch break, do for a jog or climb stairs.
  12. I have a morning break and an afternoon break, along with my lunch break. There is a group that goes walking, but I do cardio at home, so I was looking for other suggestions.

    I am not really planning my workout routine on the sly. I don't leave during my lunch break. You assume a lot. When did I say I was planning on doing my workout around my office? If you took it that way, that was not my intention. I have a break and I wanted to spend it doing squats or whatever. I close the door because I wouldn't want to be doing sit ups in a skirt and have someone walk in.

    Fayden, that is a great incentive for joining a gym.
  13. I think you SHOULD do something active while at work- even if you are on the clock. Take 5 minutes to do something so you aren't just sitting in a computer chair. That is not good for you at all- your body needs to get up and move some.

    Think of when you are on an airplane ride- your job as a passenger is to ride. But they give you in seat exercise suggestions and most people get up and walk the aisles a bit (I'm talking about a long flight- which is the same as a long day at work)
  14. You are having difficulty grasping what an assumption is. Just re-read what you wrote as compared to what she wrote. There are several things that you guessed she was doing but she never said she was doing. That is an assumption.

    For example, you wrote "most people leave during lunch breaks" so you are assuming she is like most people and leaves during lunch breaks. In her original posting she did not state whether she leaves for lunch breaks or not. In a later post (after your 3rd posting) she stated that she does not leave during lunch breaks. Therefore your assumption was wrong.

    Also, you wrote "I just feel if she has to be so secretive about it, her company does not allow it." That is your feeling (another assumption), not based on any facts. In her original post, she said she could close her door and you assumed this meant that meant that exercise was not allowed. I assumed she meant that it would be awkward to exercise with co-workers being able to see. In a later post, she confirmed that she shuts her door for privacy. Therefore your assumption was wrong.

    I didn't assume that her specific company allows exercise at the work location, I just suggested that some company encourage exercise. You had assumed that a company would not allow exercise. She never stated whether her office allows exercise or not.

    I hope you are clearer by what I meant that you made assumptions about tln's post on office exercise.
  15. I am sure "tln" is wise enough to know what she can and cannot do at her place of employment. If she is not, I am sure this will open her eyes to the complications that may arise if she is caught exercising during working hours...if that is the case at all. There is no reason to be harsh. This is meant to be a place to enjoy conversations between one another.