Office broken into, my Louis Vuitton Wapity stolen ... ugh!

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  1. I'm so bummed, thieves broke into our office this weekend and they stole my Louis Vuitton Multicolore Wapity. Thank goodness it was only a small item, but it was the first LV item that my DH bought me, and it was for my birthday last year. It was extra special because it was the first time that he actually went into the LV store with me and purchased the item. Then we went to the NM restaurant across the street for brunch. It was such a wonderful birthday, and the Wapity was a constant reminder of a great day. Now it's gone ...:sad:

    The one glimmer of good is that they dumped out my 3 Chanel Glossimers and left them behind.

    I hate thieves. They were looking for financial info, as they ransacked our office manager's office and CFO's office. What a way to start the week ...
  2. Oh no! I am so sorry. At least you are safe and you weren't there when it happened..
  3. I'm sorry that you lost an item with sentimental value. I hope the thieves get caught!
  4. Oh that is terrible! I am so sorry!
  5. Shouldn't your company atleast replace it? I know that's no consolation because it was of sentimental value, but... :s
  6. Why those #&$*%&$! :cursing: Sorry you had this happen to you.
  7. UGH......happy Monday right? So sorry honey...sending you hugs!
  8. My company is checking into their insurance policy because other stuff was stolen. It's not worth it for me to put it on my renter's insurance unfortunately because the deductible is larger than the cost of the item...:sad:
  9. I am really sorry this happened to you, its not fair

    I hate thieves, I hope your company can sort this out for you at least then you can get a replacement, although it wont be the same
  10. Lori, I saw you mention this in twigger's thread... that really sucks, I'm so sorry. And it most definitely sucks for your bosses! Somebody breaks in to steal financial records? My God. That's scary.
  11. Oh my gosh, that's awful! Hopefully they catch the jerks that did this. I'm sorry!
  12. I also just found out they stole the employee check registry ... so all of our financial info has been compromised ... they have all our addresses, social security numbers, etc ... this is just getting worse by the second. Ugh, what a way to start the week.
  13. Oh my gosh. These must be people that sort of "know" your company... or do you think it's just random??? I'm sorry you have to deal with this, Lori.
  14. Oh, I hate this for you!
    Any security cameras?
  15. Why would they do that??? :wtf: The checkbook register?!! It doesn't sound random; does your company have an idea of who's behind it?