Office Bag

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  1. I'm currently hunting for the perfect, structured office bag. In an ideal world, I'd get a Celine Mini Luggage, but I'm more seriously considering the Prada Saffiano or the Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip. However, I've heard some quality issues about the Prada and the TB just lacks a bit structurally for me (I think it's a bit too square, while the Prada has an angle to it, if that makes any sense...).

    I'd love to hear some input from you ladies on a good, office-friendly bag that can preferably hold a 15" laptop with some room for make-up and my lunch. Thanks!
  2. I'm trying to get something moderately priced, otherwise I'd have pulled the trigger and bought the Celine already. Beautiful bag though!!
  3. For structured bags, I've been liking Milli Millu's Zürich and Victoria Beckham's Liberty a lot recently. There's also Reed Krakoff (Boxer, Fighter, or Atlantique) or Givenchy's Antigona.
  4. I am using my Vienna from Milli Millu as office bag and it is very convenient
  5. But be aware that Le Tanneur don't offer international shipping, so unless you're in France, Belgium or Luxembourg don't fall in love with anything or you might end up disappointed... :crybaby:

    - Lips
  6. Oh, I am so sorry. Maybe a non European website sells the brand....
  7. I'm in UK, just 21 short miles away from France, and I've never found a UK stockist of LT, nor indeed any online retailer who ships to the UK (it seems that only LT shops carry the brand). I honestly can't understand why a brand wouldn't at least offer European shipping - it's crazy. I've written to LT about it some time ago, but they replied that they have no intention of changing their policy. Go figure.

    I do agree with the principle of your post though, that LT bags are worth a look - many of their designs are fairly original, and they wear quite well. I own quite a few LT bags and SLGs, but I've either bought them while in France, or purchased on eBay.

    - Lips
  8. It's incredible when you think that our president's former girlfriend offered Michelle Obama an LT bag when she went to the US one year ago. We supposed it was to promote a French brand....
  9. The Galeris Lafayette website sells some Le Tanneur ans seems to ship internationally.
  10. Indeed. :shrugs:

    - Lips
  11. Good find. Unfortunately still no shipping to UK...


    Merci quand même.

    - Lips
  12. I have heard that the Ralph Lauren bag (forget the name) they sell at Macy's for around $300 is comparable in quality to the Prada bag you mention... but for a fraction of the price. I checked it out myself in person last week, and thought it was very classy and nice! I'm not sure whether it would fit a 15" laptop however.
  13. My two favorites that I constantly carry for work are the Balenciaga City and Mulberry Bayswater