Office Bag ... Any Advice

  1. Anyone have any suggestion for an office bag? My friend and I went shopping today looking one and either the bags were really structured and heavy or too small.

    I'm a small person so the hardest part is finding a bag that doesn't wrap me.

    I usually have a file of paper and a small laptop that I take home sometimes.

    I'm thinking of the Stuart Weitzman office bag, Furla April in tan, or Micheal Kors Leather satchel.

    Any advice? Or any other bags out there?:confused1:
  2. Balenciaga - The Work:drool:
  3. These are my work bags. A little boring, but it fits my laptop and all my other crap and is good quality and conservative enogh for work. The tan one is Coach and the dark one is Furla (I have it in black).
    Coach.jpg Furla.jpg
  4. First, your Furla is a stunner! I'd recomment a 30cm Hermes Birkin for work. Come to the orange siiiiiiiide!
  5. balenciaga work.......IMO is the perfect work bag
  6. Balenciaga Work or Part-Time bags would be the perfect solution, lots of room & super light... :yes:
  7. The "Take Me Anywhere" by Belen Enchandia, a British brand that will soon have a U.S. site: (Bendels in NYC may have some bags as they had a trunk show there this past weekend):

    Comes in different colors, too.
  8. AED18458a.jpg AED18458b.jpg AED18458c.jpg